A Conversation for Seventh-day Adventism

David Koresh

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Rt. Rev. Lesley Gentle

David Koresh was an Adventist before going off on his own path. They're all just cults really though, none better than the others.

David Koresh

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Dr.Everton Gomes

For me, it's somewhat unfair trying to judge a religion that stands more than 150 years because of a person of a weak mind. It's the same as to judge Anglicanism as a corrupt religion based on the royal family and its scandals or the Baptist church based on a member that makes a spurious thing as a bank robbery. Maybe, in this statement, Christianism shouldn't be a good option. One of the twelve was a betrayer, Peter wasn't sometimes a true person, and we see a lot of examples of people professing something and making other different of what Jesus stood...David Koresh developed his own type of beliefs that don’t have the agreement of any conscious person of the Adventist church... or any of the other bigger religions as well.

David Koresh

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Rt. Rev. Lesley Gentle

I never said that Koresh had the approval of the Adventists, I merely pointed out that he was a notable member of the Church who formed his own beliefs and splintered off.

Christianity (in my opinion) is about as corrupt a religion as there is, but then again I find them all to be corrupt and repressive systems of beliefs.

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