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Push-Pin Darts

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It can attract attention, so care must be exercised, but you can play darts with the heavier, metal push-pins (the ones with the longer points work best) and a cork bulletin board.

The throw is kind of tricky. You grip the push-pin by wrapping your index finger around the body, with the pointy end coming out of your hand toward your thumb.

You aim the point at the board with your arm at 45 degree angle between your legs and your shoulders.

The throw is from slightly behind your body, and in a direct line to the target.

An important part of the release is to impart a spin on the projectile so that the pin is spun by its flight from your finger.

Takes a bit of practice just to get them to stick. Aiming will obviously follow later. Practice this first in a safe place.

Beats mumblety-peg with X-acto knives.

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Push-Pin Darts

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