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Ek* this space intentionally left blank *ki

While this possibly isn't a bona fide "office game", I still reckon it qualifies as it is based around colleagues of one shape or another, be they work, school or university sorts.

The idea in a nut-shell is that everyone who is in the game is an asassin. Each person arms themselves with a water pistol and from a hat draws the name of their victim who is another participant. Your mission is to "kill" your victim before you yourself are killed by your asassin.

Obviously there are safe areas where you cannot be killed - actually in the office for example where thousands of pounds of office equipment probably won't benefit from being soaked. Anywhere else is in bounds. The other rule we played was that you were safe so long as you wore sun-glasses. smiley - cool This doesn't make you look too foolish in the summer months but try stumbling around Glasgow mid-december wearing dark glasses after 4 o'clock - can't see smiley - sheep

The winner is the person who manages to avoid being assasinated by the Killer assigned to him.

smiley - cheers


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Uncle Ghengis

If water pistols are inappropriate, try 'nerf' weaponry or a similar brand of foam-dart gun.

Or screwed up paper balls. Or elastic bands. Or whatever...


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so glad someone mentioned this (okay, no one'll reply to this post). The best way to play it is the cluedo method - everyone writes their name, a 'murder weapon' and a place on three bits of paper. Then everyone draws a name, a place and a murder weapon. So - John by his computer with a paperclip is easy - but - college of opposite sex, in the toilets with an inflated condom? It can get out of hand very quickly. Once you've got your first target, you take take your target's target. The last one alive wins.

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