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Pringle Wang

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I think Pringle Wang, http://www.new.facebook.com/group.php?gid=36045403622, is an IDEAL game to feature here. The best office game I've ever played by far!

Pringle Wang

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Except from Facebook group (for you non-bookers):

Equipment Required:

1 x Plastic, unadulterated Pringles lid
2 x Players
1 x Referee (optional)

Rules (22 Sep 2008):

1. Stand in a room with two doorways, one player per doorway.
2. Take it in turns to throw (wang) the lid past the opposition.
3. Lids that are wanged past an opponent and land on the floor behind them score one point.
4. Lids must be in-flight when they pass the doorway line (otherwise termed a dead wang).
5. Wanged lids landing equidistant or closer to the wanger may be wanged again by the same player (a boomerwang) - the referee's decision is final.
6. A standard game is played as a best of 19 points (first to 10).
7. The lid can be wanged against any surface (so long as this does not consitute a dead wang - see rule 4).
8. Wangs killed by the referee can be re-wanged by the same player. Equally, points scored by rebound off the referee shall not be counted.

Pringle Wang

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They have a new site now - http://www.ifpw.org.uk

GREAT sport! Play every day without fail!! lol

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