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Making the Most of Ocean City, New Jersey USA

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Have you ever looked forward to a holiday, then a few days after arriving an air of boredom settles around you? Or have you wanted to go somewhere fun, but don't know where to go? Ocean City could be the place for you, if you know what to do when you get there. Here are some tips for keeping your holiday fun-fuelled. Enjoy your stay!

In the City

A Walk Down Asbury Road

Asbury Road is one of the best places in Ocean city to shop. Most of the shops are in-between Fifth and Twelfth streets, which you can get to by walking or taking the trolley1. If you are staying in Ocean City far away from Asbury, try to take the trolley there instead of driving. You'll have to pay a little extra, but you won't endure the frustration of finding a parking space. One of the best clothing shops on Asbury, the B&B, which sells nice clothes at good prices, sits beside smaller shops that sell everything else. Restaurants and cafés are mainly located from Eleventh street and up, but there are a few mixed in with the other shops.

Count How Many Parking Meters Have Expired

Count how many parking meters have expired from the boardwalk to the place where you are staying. Then mentally scold the people for trying to get away with parking without paying for it. Or, be generous: fill up the meter with quarters so when they come back, they find they still have time left on the meter. It is always nice to be good-hearted.

Have a Parking Space Party

What's the use of learning how to parallel park if there is no space for you to do it in? When you find a space in front of the house you are staying in, get your family, a few chairs and camp out in the space to wait for a family member to come and park in it. If people in cars see you occupying the space, they will figure out that you aren't budging. Eventually. Just be patient.

On the Boardwalk

Rent a Surrey

Rent a Surrey2. Depending on where you go, Surrey's can cost anything between 10 to 20 dollars3 an hour. You can drive them on the boardwalk between Fifth and Twelfth streets, but not outside this area. Do as many laps as you like or stop and shop. Surreys come in two, four, or six-seater versions; but the price is the same for each. Surreys have special lanes on the boardwalk, so try to stay in them. Feel free to use your bell (or voice) if people are in your way. After all, that's what they are there for!

Go to Kohr Bro's For Ice Cream

Go to Kohr Bro's for the best ice cream around. It is all soft serve, so beware of getting a cone - it will drip everywhere. They have twists and the usual flavours, along with toppings. Among those recommended are:

  • Mint julep and chocolate twist
  • Coffee
  • Peanut butter and chocolate twist
  • Vanilla and chocolate twist

There is often a long queue at Kohr Bro's, but don't let that put you off. It is definitely worth the wait.

Cross the Width of the Boardwalk

Crossing the boardwalk may not sound very hard, but try it on a weekend around 9pm. It's harder than it seems! Extra points should be awarded to those who can do it a number of times without slowing down, but be careful!

Check Out Flander's Hotel

See what's left of Flander's hotel. The land the hotel stood on was bought by the amusement park next door, Castaway Cove4. It tore down the hotel and swimming pool and built put rides on its place. It's a huge change for those who were around before the Castaway Cove change. Come have a look-see and find out what's left.

Go Watch Taffy Being Made

Go and watch taffy5 being made at Shriver's. Every wonder how they get salt-water taffy in those little twisty wrappers? If you stay put long enough, you might be able to see the whole process. Then go and buy yourself a box and enjoy.


Eat a Sandwich

You haven't had the full seaside experience until you've eaten a sandwich with sand in it. Don't drop it, just stand in a windy place and hold it out for a minute. And watch out for seagulls. Those pesky blighters will take the whole sandwich out of your hand if you're not careful.

Dig for Clams

Digging for small clams is something that occupies your time. Clams are everywhere down by the water's edge. See how many you can collect in one sitting and then watch them crawl back in the sand when you let them again.

Build a Sand Sculpture

Building a sand sculpture is a fun way to use your creativity. Make it as large or small as you want - but the larger it is, the more people will notice it!

1A means of transport rather similar to a British tram.2A Surrey is an American car, as well as a county in southern England.3£7 - £15, at time of writing.4Castaway Cove is a small amusement park down by 10th and Boardwalk.5Taffy is very like toffee.

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