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How interesting.

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How interesting. A succinct and informative article on an engaging and complex subject.

How interesting.

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But it´s also interesting that, in at least DSM-3R (the version of DSM I used during my psychiatry rotation), there was an extemption in the concept of mass illusion if the "idea" was considered as a common religious belief in the surrounding area...

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How interesting.

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Connie L

Interesting indeed...

Isn't 'love' a serious and typical type of folie a deux ?

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How interesting.

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The DSM basically has a clause that says that if enough people buy into an idea that it becomes part of the person's 'cultural context' then it isn't a delusion.

Stops me going down to Church on Sunday and rounding up all the believers just because I'm an atheist (or vice versa).

And as for love... I remember a couple of Entries that talked about love in terms of madness - one was written very stridently and didn't get through PR, the other one was really interesting and is at A6563964.


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