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Bottesford beck

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Hi there! I dont know if im writing in the right place - but was wondering about the fact that bottesford beck was awarded 2nd most polluted river. Can anyone tell me why this is? Im guessing its steelworks effluent...and how its being improved? Which sites discharged into the beck? Any ideas anyone? Cheers :]

Bottesford beck

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Yes, it was steelworks discharge:
The discharge would have been from Anchor, I guess.

The Beck doesn't seem to get much web-mention any more. Here's one from Hansard in 1989 (see Col 1006):

As a teen, I fell in it once. Fortunately it was pouring with rain, which rendered a good wash-down before my clothes dissolved.

Sometimes it was just oily and smelly. At other times, it had a grey foam crust. It really was pretty bad back in the 70s and 80s. I'm told it's much better now.

Amazing Blondel (70s local folk band) had a song called the "Lament to the Earl of Bottesford Beck", which if I remember was a neurotic-sounding instrumental.

Coming second in the most-polluted list said it all, somehow. At least coming first would have meant we'd won something. The 'winner' isn't recalled, but I have a feeling it might have been some waterway in Rotherham.

Bottesford beck

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Cheers pinniped! Thankyou - very helpful indeed!

Bottesford beck

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Ancient Brit

Cleaning up the Beck began before the Anchor project. Redbourn Works and Appleby Frodingham were the main culprits for discharge. Anchor saw the Beck piped underground until it resurfaced to the south of the A18. For the record aquatic life came back into the water about 15 years ago. In more recent times the Holme Hall Golf Club created a Lake/reservoir for watering the greens and fairways. The Beck forms the northern boundary of the course and water is pumped from the Beck to keep the lake topped up. The lake is stocked with rainbow trout and limited fishing licenses are available to golf club members.

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