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Who wrote the main article?

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I'm not from Scunny but I know Flixborough exploded at 4.53pm and not 4.05pm as stated by the writer.

Humberside was created on April Fools Day 1974 and not in 1978 and Ian Botham played for Scunthorpe United in 1981, not 1976 as stated.

Who wrote the main article?

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The original I confess to. It's here : A704800

But all the mistakes seem to be courtesy of good old Master B, aka Mu Betasmiley - laugh

I think Botham got a few games in during the late 70s, btw (though probably not as early as 1976).

Anyhow, he's OK is B. He was a steelworks metallurgist at App Frod in a past life, and they still remember him in the Lincoln Imp. He has credentials to be writing this stuff. He's just not very thorough at researchsmiley - biggrin

Hope you have a good look round the site and enjoy it. There are gems here. Maybe you could put Grimsby into the Guide?

And I'm not even going to make reference to relative football league positions. How's that for being friendly to fellow yellow-bellies?

Pinsmiley - winkeye
(nowadays a Sheffield resident, btw)

Who wrote the main article?

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There is indeed alot of inaccuracies in this article.
Here are some facts;
In 1859 The re-discovery of Ironstone by Rowland Winn.
July 1860 First Ironore mined in Scunthorpe.
1862 Dawse brother commence building the Trent Iron works.
1864 26th March First Iron cast from the Trent Iron works Blastfurnace.
1864 Building of the Frodingham Iron works begin, Known Locally as Cliffs Iron works.
1866 A third Iron works, North Lincoln Iron works is built.
1872 Two small hand charged Blastfurnace come online at Redbourn Hill Iron & Coal Co.
1876 Appleby Iron works blow in their first Blastfurnace.
1890 21st March The first Steel was cast at Froddingham Works.
1910 Site clearing began for John Lysaght's Normanby Park Iron & Steel Works.
1912 Lysaght's three blastfurnace blown-in & production started.

Who wrote the main article?

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Ancient Brit

1942 - Ancient Brit, North Ironworks Engineers office boy at the time, was asked by H.P. Johnson (Plant Engineer) to find Stan Robinson ( Yard Foreman ) and ask him to come to his office. Ancient Brit found Mr. Robinson at the top of the old hand charged blast furnace, having gone there with the hand charger and his barrow. Before returning to the ground Ancient Brit was allowed to help tip the barrow of ore into the furnace. Health and Safety was just left to care and common sense.smiley - smiley

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