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I was wondering if I could get some people's advice here. I'm sixteen, and so is my girlfriend. She lives a fair distance away, and we all know what the trains are like in England. Since we met every other weekend either I've stayed at hers or her at mine, and she spent a week down here at Easter. The problem is I've reached the stage where I can't afford to see her but don't want her to demand to pay for everything for me, and I don't see how long I can keep this up for, much as I love her. I still feel like I rushed into the relationship to start with. I know at this age it ain't exactly a big deal, but I need to make a decision. What would you do?


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Otto Fisch ("Stop analysing Strava.... and cut your hedge")

Hmmm.... tricky....

I'm not sure whether it's something that anyone else can really offer you advice on. As a good friend said to me when I was 16 "you have to ask yourself whether it's worth it or not". And no-one else can answer that question for you!

You don't *have* to see each other every weekend. In fact, if you've got school work it might not be a good idea to see each other every weekend, particularly if you have exams coming up. Problem with this kind of relationship is that you can find it taking up all of your free time, leaving you no time to spend with friends, do other things, etc, and that can sometimes be quite harmful.

Oh, and don't let anyone tell you that it's not a big deal because of your age. Older people have more experience, a better sense of perspective, and better coping mechanisms, but the feelings are pretty much the same....

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