A Conversation for La Marseillaise - France's National Anthem

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Eeyyuuup- ((1+7)/4) + (4x10)=42

Watch what you say about La Marseillaise.

As of last week you're not allowed to be rude about it.

Following several incidents most notably the footie friendly(sic) France v Algeria and the final (football ... again)of the Coupe de France, the Interior Minister, M. Sarkozy, smiley - yikesproposed a law banning nastiness toward la Marseillaise.

On both occasions l'hymne national was inaudible against the barrage of whistles and booing from the stands of .. wait for it ... la Stade de France - scene of wild jubilation in 98 when les bleus managed to buy, smiley - blush sorry, win the World Cup (Football! Again!)

Quite shocking, indeed Le Président lui-même, that nice M. Chirac smiley - clown, stormed out smiley - steam of the stadium pausing only to share un bon mot smiley - rocket with the president of the french football association.

Lip readers have discerned what was actually said:

"But they're whistling! It's a disgrace! How can they do that?"

Posterity does not record what the president of the FA replied but one can, I believe, safely assume that he did not say "you purse your lips and blow."

But that's what Chirac did anyway.smiley - smiley

Careful now

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riotact : like a phoenix from the ashes

the marseillaise is great for pumping up a football side, perhaps the only anthem better than "god save the queen".

it's a wonder brazil can play so well with their tinpot operetta tune.

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Beer Elf

Comparison of all the six nation's national anthems is interesting. I agree with riotact,very stirring stuff, especially that bit about our fields running with their blood. I like the 2 part anthems, like the Italian, and the Irish ones, "stand shoulder to shoulder, we answer Ireland's Call!!"
Which leads me to the English anthem..
given that it's used in the olympics for the whole of GB, and that the third verse prays to God for the strength to crush the Scottish nation, maybe it's time to stop using it, in favour of "Rule Brittania?"

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