A Conversation for Mastering Villainy in Seven Easy Lessons

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*The Krylma Leader examines the latest guide entry, grinning his malicious, reptillian grin*

KL-A well designed entry, well designed indeed! I disagree with a few key choices in phrasing, but mainly for aesthetic reasons. And what is good villainy if not the aesthetics? However, while the lessons may end with the article, the practicle approach doesn't need to! I should invite all of its readers to join Sinister Thinkers Unleashing Multifarious, Pernicious Evil Deeds, h2g2s first and best league for evil villains!

*So saying, he quickly builds a sign post that points towards the STUMPED Stadium at A615340 and wanders away, cackling with glee*

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The Krylma Leader Approves

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