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Have I still got Malaria?

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I got malaria in Zambia in 1971. The doc's said the only reason I survived was that I was so fit after just leaving the forces. I do know I went from 11.5 stone down to 6 in less than 3 weeks.
I had re-current bouts until 1979 but nothing since then.
I used to donate blood and was told that they couldn't use my whole blood for transfusions because of the malaria but they could use the plasma. This still stands.
So, do I still have malaria? If I go on holiday to a mosquito infested but malaria free area would I introduce malaria? I did ask a medic friend who said it was theoretically possible but he really had no idea.
Since the initial infection I've never been able to get my weight over 10.25 stone and at 6 foot you could say I look a bit skinny!

Little note for those going to South America:
Mosquitos in SA bite 24 hours a day! I know! They're big sods and it HURTS!

All answer and ideas welcome but smiley - dontpanic, smiley - cheers

Have I still got Malaria?

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Is mise Duncan

(Same position as you)
You don't have Malaria but you do still carry antibodies so the recipient would show up false positive if tested for malaria.

In the US you can give blood 3 or more years after having malaria ( http://www.bloodbook.com/donr-requir.html ) but other countries are more restrictive.

Have I still got Malaria?

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Wand'rin star

You don't seem to have the same problem with getting the weight upsmiley - starsmiley - star

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