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Robert Laity

Actually,to be President of the United States one MUST be a "Natural-Born Citizen". Non-natural-born "citizen(s)" are NOT eligible to be President of the US (POTUS).

The US Constitution incorporates the "Law of Nations" by reference. In that treatise,"used ubiquitously in both British and US Courts in the 18th Century" (Wikipedia) states that a Natural-Born Citizen is "One born IN a Country of citizen ParentS"[Emphasis on the "S" indicating that BOTH parents must also be Americans).

There is a ongoing controversy regarding whether or Not Barack Obama is the bona-fides POTUS since his father,Barack Obama,Sr. was a British Subject/Citizen at the time of Junior's birth. There is also controversy as to exactly WHERE Jr. was born. Junior has proffered several Computer generated and questionable Birth documents,however there is dispute as to their authenticity.

Barack Obama,Jr.If born in Hawaii was born with Dual citizenship,both US and British (See British Nationality Act of 1948). Indeed,there is even dispute as to whether or not Hawaii is a US State (See "The Apology"-William Clinton,former POTUS).

IF Obama was actually born in Mombassa.Kenya as many believe,Obama has never BEEN a US Citizen.

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