A Conversation for One-hit Wonders

Even more 1 hit wonders...

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I don't think the following have been mentioned (it's not that I wasn't paying attention - honestsmiley - winkeye).

1. Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You - Glen Madeiros
2. Breakfast At Tiffany's -Deep Blue Something.
3. Every Loser Wins - Nick Berry.
4. Boys Boys Boys - Sabrina.
5. Anyone Can Fall In Love - Anita Dobson.

Even more 1 hit wonders...

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Smij - Formerly Jimster

Ah, yes. Stretching the definition of the word 'hit', we have Deep Blue Something's follow-up single, 'Josey', which got to #27 in December 1996. I hear they have a new album out now, so maybe they'll be able to add to that. Sabrina also had a minor chart entry in late 1988, with 'All of Me', which peaked at #25.

Nick Berry's definitely not a one-hit wonder though. His cover of 'Heartbeat', as heard in his TV show of the same name, got to #2 in 1992.

Glen Medeiros surprises us with a second chart single too, 'She Ain't Worth It', which got to #12 in 1990 (his actual second single, 'Long and Lasting Love' failed to get into the top 40, but no doubt figures on a 'greatest hit' compilation somewhere).

Which leaves us with Anita Dobson. I don't think we can call a #43 chart position a hit, even if it is called 'Talking of Love'. So we have a bona fide one-hit wonder!! smiley - bubbly

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