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The healing is amazing...

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Titania (gone for lunch)

I've always been fascinated by the body's ability to heal itself - especially one of those huge bruises on your thigh - and I also find the colours fascinating - I especially like the purple stage, but the green-yellowish isn't a pretty sight...smiley - yuk

The healing is amazing...

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I totally agree. I like the colours too, but the really large bruises that you get when you fall down stairs and such always look worse when they turn green and yellow. smiley - yuk Even though that's when they stop being so painful, they are not nice at all.

The healing is amazing...

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jrhuxley, patron saint of dragonflies and protector of chipmunks

I had one on my arm once that looked like the continent of Australia. It was quite horrendous. I actually ended up telling several people that I was having a tattoo removed. Amazingly enough they believed me!smiley - devil

The healing is amazing...

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Captain Kebab

I once got one of those whilst giving blood. I felt a slight nick from the gun dealie, and the nurse said, 'Oops - I think you may get a bit of a bruise there.' Bit of a bruise?! Bit of a blooming bruise? The inner side of my arm went purple from my wrist to half way up my bicep. It healed really fast, though.

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