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Isn't that Jinxy Jackson....

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A wuss who's had to become a bit tougher than comes naturally due to unusual circumstances, but still a wuss at heart.

(seen the end of the most recent series of buffy?)

Isn't that Jinxy Jackson....

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Mr Prophet (General Purpose Genre Guru)

Where he saves the world for about the fourth or fifth time?

Xander has deep-seated insecurities, especially at the end of Season 6 because at the time, everything he touches turns to crud. But in the end, he knows what he has to do and he does it. If he were a wuss, he'd have been the third passenger in the big truck to Mexico.

Hope that's not too spoilery.

Isn't that Jinxy Jackson....

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FABT - new venture A815654 Angel spoiler page

well it is but as i've seen it i dont care

when you think about it, given the number of life/death situations and the number of people in the cast, there must be some mathematical formula that demonstrates how often they should have saved each others lives.

spoiler season6 buffy

although i did quite like parts of the scene where dawn had that sword. some of it was cheesy.....mainly the bits where SMG spoke, or acted, or moved (not a fan sorry) but the rest was cool. i liked the bit where dawn did a stylish somersalt and retrieved her sword and then at a disbelieving look said "what?" I do watch you you know?!" Totally unrealistic but fun never the less.

end spoiler


Isn't that Jinxy Jackson....

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I love Dawn! (she's a lot better than big sis anyway) But I thought she wasn't allowed to watch.

FABT - do you have a fave colour (as long as not purple, got 2 of those already) cos I think I may need to put you on my yet-to-be-constructed 'list of useful people at the bottom of my page to show that I do know some cool people' thing.

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