A Conversation for Surviving Toddler Tantrums

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Smiffy the Lab Assistant (1+9)*5-(5+4)+1=42

Been nodding my way through all of that!

If you can catch the tantrum in it's very early stages it's often possible to completely distract them away from it by completely changing the subject, game or whatever.... Having two of them at the ages where they throw tantrums at me at the moment, being able to stop them before they get in full swing is much eaiser than enduring the screaming! Just takes a bit of inventive thought and a bit of empathy for the frustration they must be feeling. A lot of the tantrums in our house are because they're tired, frustrated and just don't have the vocabulary to express themselves.

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Simon the Silly Sausage (Gone AWOL from h2g2)

Distraction tactics work wonders.
I've used them sucessfully with my son who is nearly 3 now, and never had one tantrum in public.
You don't have to use bribes, like giving them sweets when they start moaning, there is nothing worse than a spoilt kid.
Just get their attention and put a new thought in their minds, and they forget all about what was bothing them.

Here are some of my top methods....
Asking what he has in his pocket, even if it's empty he'll stop what he is doing to investigate. When he says 'nothing', give him something to put in there and keep safe.

What have I got in my pocket / bag ?

Asking, 'what is you favorite...' anything, sweet, colour, toy.

It's a bit naughty lying to kids, but saying ' I just saw Bob the builder go into that shop, shall we go and find him?' makes trawling round crowded shops alot more fun for kids.

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Agreed. To all of the above. Just a couple of notes to add. I've found that ignoring the tantrum by employing yourself in some other task within sight of the child works as well as walking away.

When I tried this at the weekend with my 15 month old son he not only progressed out of the tantrum but decide that the best to get my attention again (I was reading a book), was to turn up the level of 'cuteness'. Knowing that all adults are suckers for it, he came over, smiled sweetly, rested his head on my arm and looked at me as if to say 'sorry about that, but there's no denying that I'm the cutest thing in this room and I'm much more interesting than that book'. He was, of course, absolutely right.

Secondly, for anybody with boys I can recommend reading 'Raising Boys' by Steve Biddulph. Some great insights into the inherent traits of maleness and for all you fathers it's also a good way to get a new perspective on your own upbringing.

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