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Special Agent Poops

According to my pharmacology lecturer, in the time around which LSD as discovered, it was common practice for pharmacologists to test an experimental drug on themselves. He/she would then sit there with a clipboard, noting any side effects they experienced. I cant remember the exact quote, but Dr. Hoffman reported words to the effect of "the faces of my colleagues in the room have all turned into grotesque masks".
He also rode a bicycle, very dangerous while under the influence of LSD!

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Researcher 242222

I was always under the impression that Dr. Hoffman's said bicycle journey was noted in his diary as being "a bad trip", thus coining the phrase. Of course this could be just druggy urban ledgend.

I also remember hearing that LSD was developed accidently while searching for a cure for the common cold.

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Researcher 185550

May well have been, but that had escaped me. Cheers all the same though smiley - tasmiley - cheers.

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