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If anyone has a history of any sort of psychotic illness in the family please, please do NOT experiment with this drug. A very close relative had it slipped into their drink over thirty years ago and has never recovered. This really is a heartfelt plea for young people who might be at risk to avoid this mind-bending drug.And also to avoid situations where the same senseless and cruel act can happen. AR1

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Haylle (Nyssabird) ? mg to recovery

Do you know anything about the possibility of a similar thing happening with mushrooms?

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Researcher 185550

Duly noted. I think there might be something about that in the "negative effects" part but I'm not sure.

Messing around with mushrooms is risky in any case.

A sad warning

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I'm sorry for your loss.

Don't be offended when I mention 'next lifetimes'.

This planet is a mess. The fact that a 'friend' or associate would take it upon himself to give LSD to an unknowing person proves that, just at allowing torture in 'other countries' does. Try and scoop all such 'crap' under the same label: we live in hell.

My father's alcoholism did much to ruin my life. Now he is sober. I'm still affected for life. Thank God for Jesus!

As I look at all the ruined lives being allowed to be created and fostered, I know the cure for our world is not NOW. The cure for our world is a 70 year plan which cares for the broken souls, now, and fosters a much better upbringing for ALL CHILDREN in the future.

I believe there are older souls and younger souls. The older souls seem to dig themselves out of any 'hell' they are born into. The younger souls, however, aren't so resilient. We break and need extreme nurture to recover, if we can ever recover. The best that might be hoped for some is that they can be benevolently cared for until they die.

It's the next life time that we might be able help. I don't know if you know any Mormons, but they do the first 12 years very well. Most of this is based on giving the children something constructive to do every day.

Mormons eat meat, which explains their leaders being 'spiritually asleep', but they have a nice organization for children. Too bad they hid their light under a bushel. They didn't do as Jesus requested. They did not let their 'relief society' provide relief for all.

They expect the 'sheep' to ask for help before they offer help. Jesus never said 'only help the widows and orphans who ask for help'. I've read the New Testament. It's just not there. However He did say to take care of the widow and the orphan.

In the US, the facilities for caring for widows and orphans are not up to Jesus' standards. Elsewhere in the world, the widow and orphan have it so much worse. Where is the hand of Jesus? Every religious leader will be faced with this at their death. How will they answer Christ when their time comes? What excuse do they have for not taking care of EVERY WIDOW AND ORPHAN ON THE PLANET?

I've written to them, but they don't write back. After all, who am I?

We'll just have to see who I am. I've found that Jesus is willing to back an underdog.

I'm sorry that every day for thirty years, you have had to face the loss. Jesus has been with you every step of the way, and He wishes it never happened, too.

In hell, death is the only relief. There is no vengence against fate. There is no hope of forgetting. There is no cure for hell. There is no escape from abject poverty.

I think an Angel helped me write this, because I don't know how to spell abject and it isn't really one of my words. The same Angels who help me write, give me hope that a time will come where we don't have to die to forget hell. A time will come when we don't have to be afraid to die.

I just want to be able to be born into any life, anywhere on the planet, and not be afraid. Much of the available womb space on this planet is in places where I wouldn't want to be reborn. I don't want my mother to be reborn there. I don't want my children to be reborn there. I don't want anyone to be reborn there.

This knowledge can be used to save the world. If you remove the 'naughty children' from their inadaquate schools and allow them to FIX THEIR FUTURE WORLD, and then you enable them to MAKE EVERYPLACE A TOLERABLE PLACE TO BE REBORN, then you have effectively 'saved the world'. The military can help the kids.

This can be done.

I'll say a prayer for you and yours. Please put some of the poetry here for all to read. Save the good.

Take care.

Still, the teeny fish at the end > smiley - schooloffish

A sad warning

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Very dear Pikasmiley - rose
As always thank you for your words, so kind and so wise. What a wonderful thought to share some of his poetry with you and with others who might also have suffered and who might also like to share with us.
This poem is undated. it was probably wirtten in the seventies


Our lives hang with transistor tragedies
Televised suffering,
Constant printed horrors
That shriek from all sides.
I can't take the hate,
Something has to break
If I don't get away from it all.

I only want a little loneliness
Where I can cleanse and strengthen myself,
In silence.

To be warm on a slow wide river
With the sun pressing down,
Seducing all,
To smile,
When the boat nods at its moorings
When a shaft of wind drifts in
And skids to a halt nearby.

I'll have to remember again,
The sight of a pencilled flight
Of mountains,
Etched against the evening sky.

I'll once again feel the breath-taking
Coldness of streams.
Again be blanketed by night
That holds the cold evening sand,
White in swift moon-light.

K.R. Sived. ? 1976-198

This poem was probably written whilst he was in hospital at Pietermaritzburg, South Africa.
Thank you again dear Pika, for helping me to put the whole sad episode into perspective. As you so rightly say it is not in this life that one is either rewarded or recognised. Our destinies lie in Our Lord who loves us all. And I know that He loves KR because he is such an essentially kind, loving and compassionate person.
Go well dear sweet Pika, Your loving AR1 smiley - schooloffish(My dear little fish at the end!!)

A sad warning

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First, WOW. What a marvelous talent he has. I was truly touched and I do relate to the words. But like all great poetry, he transcends the words and I got lost in the feelings.

"I only want a little loneliness
Where I can cleanse and strengthen myself,
In silence."

From that point on, I was lost in healing places with him. How I long for them.

Televised suffering really grabbed me initially. Flashes of the Vietnam War, Israel, the Gulf and now Afghanistan all popping into my head. Islamic children cheering the bombing of the Twin Towers. And those thoughts always lead me to the rest of the world. Terrorism has gone on for thousands of years and some people have known the threat of terrorism their entire lives. There is also hideous tortures being executed on people and animals. Earth suffers at our hands.

When I lived in India, I learned more about the world than I'd ever known. The BBC is in great part responsible. In the US, we don't get a lot of world news unless we look for it. Knowing more just makes me sadder.

But I believe that all is not a bad as it might seem. It could be that everyone is asleep. What do cats eat? Meat. And what do cats do? Sleep 14 to 20 hours a day. Sometimes more if it's hot. Now what if humans are spiritually asleep. There eyes could still be open, but their spirits are snoring away.

Now suppose some of these people are religious. Religions are nice because they are like Legions. And the nice thing about a Legion is they follow their leader. I know there are lots of religions out there, but not so many as to be unmanagable. In order to change the behaviour of all the Religious people in the world, you don't have to motivate all of them, you just need to motivate all their leaders.

Now, for the most part, people who rise to high places are 'stars'. They are quite easily motivated if they love God. So a job that might seem difficult, motivating 3 billion religious believers, is now made much more managable, motivate a few thousand religious leaders. Once you wake up the leaders, you can let them wake up their 'flocks'.

Then their remain the 'untended flocks'. These are the lost souls with no religion, or no time for their soul. These untended flocks are no less children of God. They are broken, perhaps, but not unloved. These downtrodden young souls will be easy to help after everyone else is awake.

But right now, everyone is still asleep and this is a nightmare. We have turned Paradise into Hell. We eat anything that tastes good, never questioning the validity of our choices. Is is right to eat meat? Well, animals do, and we are animals, right? That's what meat eaters say to releave any questions. But what was right when we didn't know what B12 was and where it comes from, is maybe not so right when a safe vegetarian diet is available.

In any case, slaughter houses are not right. The Native Americans respect the tradition that animals are our brothers and sisters of the Earth. I believe they are growing souls and they eventually reach human level. The Native Americans would sacrifice the body of an animal for food, but they thanked the soul and were not rude about the death.

Now, the systematic and large scale killing of horribly distressed animals is occuring on a daily basis, all in the name of food. It's a lie. We don't need to eat meat. If you grew soy beans on the land being used to feed and keep cattle and pigs raised for slaughter, then you could feed more people. And eating meat is not good for us anyway. Our digestive tracts are not nearly as long as the carnivor's.

Everybody just takes it for granted that eating meat is okay. It tastes so good after all.

Well, I believe a day will come when those that come after us will look back at us and call us disgusting barbarians. I hope they will feel some shame. Perhaps that will stop them from letting the sin repeat itself.

And where will that shame come from? Well, from us, of course. For on a planet with reincarnation, we will be looking back at ourselves and our mistakes of the past. We can then feel a measure of joy that we have grown.

Now, as for the word processor commands that enable you to indent the poetry, there might be a like smiley - schooloffish that will let you do it, but I don't really know. You must ask an ace that stuff. And by the way, do you get free web space from your internet provider? If so, you can make a website for Ks poetry. If you don't get free webspace, you can easily get some elsewhere.

Take care.

Still, Pika smiley - schooloffishsmiley - schooloffishsmiley - schooloffishsmiley - schooloffishsmiley - schooloffishsmiley - schooloffishsmiley - schooloffish

A sad warning

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Very dear Pikasmiley - rose
What time of the day/night is it where you are. And basically where are you? I live in Sevenoaks Kent and the time is now 9.45 a.m. GMT. I know that my brother who lives in New York is six hours behind us so in New York it is 3.45.a.m.
Thank you so much for your kind loving words. I must admit I am continually enthralled with his choice of words and phrases. As I am with yours my dear little Pika.You are both so young at heart - enquiring, searching and sharing your love and compassion. You too have a great gift.
You have set me a monumental task to type out all his work. But I shall do it with love and affection though it will take me some time. Thank you for all the information about publishing. I have just remembered that there might be someone that I could ask who is a writer (I do not know her) but she might be willing to advise me as well.
I am sorry that I did not reply yesterday. It was my friend M.'s birthday so we celebrated by going down to the sea. We had a quite beautiful day - blue sky, cool ripple of wind and a super picnic ro round it off. I shall be re-reading all your lovely information - and shall reply when I have digested it. I am no mathematician - but I do understand (I think) your reasoning. How fantastic to have learnt the orginal languages to read the Bible. I believe that Jesus spoke Aramaic. I am afraid that I have to rely on translations - but I try to compare them.
With much affection and thank you for all your help. Your loving old AR1smiley - schooloffish

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Researcher 185550

Pika- amazing. Truly amazing. Can't say anything else.

Yes, the world is mucked up. And yes we should do something about it. The problem, the problem you see, is this: if you gave ten people a rope attached to something, and shouted "PULL!", four would pull, four would push, one would say "What?" and the other one would argue about the best way to do it. Scale it up. Not everyone is going to think like this. "All the more reason to convince them!" You may cry, but people are damn stubborn. Say you had a failproof way of demonstrating- and I'm not suggesting for a moment that this is true- that Satanism was, in fact, the way forward. How many white (being the "positive" religions ie not satanism) religions would flock to your cause?

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Hi Roadkill,
Thank you for your letter of comment. I quite agree with you about your example of ten people pulling on a rope. However, I do not think that that is sufficient reason to give up pulling. I will give you a practical example.
Whilst at University (where I was a very mature student reading for my BA in Philosophy and Sociology) we had a visiting professor from the Netherlands who gave us a task. We were asked whether we wanted to do the task or write individual exams. We all chose the task. We were a mixed group of students - different ages and diifferent disciplines. The agreement was that we would all accept the same mark. This was also agreed to.
There were twelve of us in the class. Ten of us worked like mad, and produced a very interesting paper on social conditions in South Africa Two of the class never attended a discussion meeting, therefore never contributed a thought. They also never wrote a line of text. At the end all twelve got distinction. That is life. I do not know what has happened to the two who did nothing.Maybe they went on to become millionaires!! I hope they are happy.
I am afraid that I do not understand your reference to Satanism. I belong to the breed of people who tries to think the best of others. Sometimes I am disappointed but more often than not people are really wonderful.
With kind regards. AR1 smiley - schooloffish

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I just wrote this in an email. I'll copy here and fix all the apostrophes. Hey, I didn't have to fix them this time. Wonderful.

Below is the way I think about Stan, or Satan if you prefer.

I'm truly disheartened when people talk about Satan. I feel quite sure that Jesus died for Satan's sins, if he had any, right along with everybody else's. Therefore, the ball is in Jesus' court now. It's really none of my business, anyway, but if I get an opinion I'll guess that Satan was the scapegoat 2000 years ago. There is no dark spirit guiding us to do wrong. God didn't create a naughty son. There was no fall of Satan's spirit. Satan is in charge of all the negative energy that God could not bear alone. Satan helps God store that negative energy deep down inside Himself, here on planets. Satan tends the negative energy with loving kindness of spirit, and logic of necessity.

Satan governs the animal realm, but not as a punishment. He is doing his job to help God. Everything that happens down here is in his 'realm', if that's what you want to call the division. But Satan didn't 'fall' from grace. This job of his requires him to stay separated from God. He was doing his job just fine until the Stars came to Earth to help. They were not allowed to eat meat. Meat breaches the containment. And they didn't for a long time, but then they did, and that unleashed hell.

If somebody wants to blame that on Satan, they will have a hard time. So after the containment was breached, God so loved the WORLD that He sent His only begotten son to check out the problem. I believe God took a body in Christ. I believe that God wanted to see for Himself what was going on down here, so He allowed Himself to be born in 'hell'. It's only hell while we do everything wrong. Once we straighten up, things should be much better.

Anyway, it really miffs me when somebody takes the sacrifice of Satan and turns it into Good vs. Evil. Evil is just spiritual sickness caused by the breach. Good is health. The most important body to keep healthy is God's body. Since that is the Universe, we must think twice before we enter the realm of 'science fiction'. We don't get to randomly blow up stars and never give it a second thought. That is a physical attack on the body of God.

Okay, now that I've got that out, let me comment on any attempt to affect the world.

I HAVE TRIED!!! Seriously spent hundreds of dollars mailing packet and hundreds of hours emailing.

Finally, I realized, everyone is alseep. It's one of the side effects of eating meat...spiritual sleep. Cats and dogs sleep 18+ hours a day. Our spirits sleep most of the day, too, only waking when we sleep, if then.

I woke up from the pain. I faced considerable pain when I was young. For years, I faced deathly presentations of my illness. Then one day, I was screaming into my blue and green blanket, and I saw Earth, and I said out loud, 'I sure hope you don't feel like this', and it hit me. Like a grenade going off in my head, I KNEW she was in agony, too.

From that moment on, I dedicated myself to helping Earth, but as time went on, I found Earth is just the first being we hurt. The Sun, Galaxy and Universe are all affected by our actions. We live in a sensitive Universe.

So, because I want to help and seem to be in communication with being smarter than myself, I try to wake up the 'guy in charge' who I've decided is the Dalai Lama. In fact, I believe Dalai Lama 14 is also Maitreyah Buddha. Did I already say this.

Am I repeating myself again, in the same thread. I'm not even sure anymore.

Anyway, Roadkill, if you want some cool charts, email me and I'll zip them over to you.

Thanks for your supportive letter.

Oh, yeah, the rope thing. I'm guessing the baby souls on this planet outnumber the teenager star souls by about 14 to 1. Most of the star souls can be found shining in high paying jobs, while must of the asteroids wish Jesus would hurry and come back because we are barely making ends meet. So you throw 10 baby souls a rope and they will want to play jump rope or go rock climbing, and if you don't know how to motivate them to pull, they probably won't.

The Angels are masters of manipulation. As long as I succeed in getting to the Dalai Lama, I think we will be okay. If you want to buy me a ticket to India, I know how to get a personal audience this time. All I have to do is BUY one. That is so low, but the Buddha actually says, 'If you can't find a friend in the Dharma, buy one.'

I've already resorted to mass marketing techniques to try and spread the word, why not resort to bribery to wake up a Buddha. If I get my 15 minutes to speak with His Holiness, I guarantee Earth will have a woken Buddha Nature thereafter.

Just in case you can't afford a ticket to India, I have a plan. I always have a plan, well, until now, they were more like sceams. But my newest sceam is turning out to be a plan!!! I might be in India by next year and then we'll see who knows what. Cross your fingers!

Take care.

Still, Pika smiley - schooloffishsmiley - schooloffish

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Researcher 185550

I am way out of my depth. I'll lurk (in fact I'll say that and then not lurk but I'm gonna lurk anyway).

The example about Satanism was just a further rope thingy. Not a Good v Evil scenario. Just there are certain... stigmas? Is that the right word? -surrounding it, and those stigmas would impede if the aforesaid scenario (after the bit about the rope) was true. I in fact nicked the rope example out of Terry Pratchett (Truckers, Bromeliad series). But damn right it isn't an excuse to stop pulling.

Pika- I'm sure I only understood half of that. From the tone it's deep and important. I'll print it out and understand it soon.

How much of a mess is this post smiley - weird.

A sad warning

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A very asteroidal post, indeed. I can totally relate. Do excellent ideas ever pop into your head? Buddhist meditation people call that 'independantly arrising thoughts'. I call that Angels plucking our brains. It happens a lot to me, and I believe others, as well.

So enjoy your printout and let me know what you think.

Take care.

Still, Pika smiley - schooloffish

A sad warning

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Researcher 185550

Yeah, usually when I sort of stare at something and that reminds me of something, which in turn reminds me of something, etc... and then I'm miles away, and suddenly I get this idea.

A sad warning

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I'm pretty sure that's Angels. Especially if it's a good idea.

Now, have you ever experienced sychronisity? Carl Jung coined the phrase. It means when strange coincidences happens. I think Angels can cause thought coincidences. Especially with the TV or radio. Think about it...if they are really Angels, they already know what will be on TV or on the radio. They just have to get you to synchronously think say or type the same word or phrase at the same moment.

If they are trying to get your attention, it can happen a lot. If it begins to happen to you, pretend to talk to an Angel. Pretend what the Angel might think back to you. If you are inccorrect, they will correct you. That's how it begins. Angels are very nice, so they are quite polite to think with. If you hear anything not polite, it useually comes from your own brain.

The key is to get into a conversation with the Angel. Your thought SOUND the same, if that's the correct word for it. It just seems like you're thinking, and almost playing, by pretending to think with Angels, but then they say something strange. Maybe something you never thought of, or just never thought of in that way. Then you will really wonder if Angels are there or not. They are. So you ahead and ask them some questions. If the brain pathways exist in your brain for them to answer you, they can. If not, you either have to add some brain pathways by studying, or they can give you a dream.

I believe this. Some of my friends have experienced similar synchronous experiences and interesting thoughts.

Take care.

Still, Pika smiley - schooloffishsmiley - schooloffish
smiley - schooloffishsmiley - schooloffish

A sad warning

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Researcher 185550

Never had a synchronous experience. I'll give talking a try though.

A sad warning

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You don't just wake up one morning and say 'I think I'll start doing drugs' and then start using. It's not like that at all.

If you have a fine life, and all your needs are being met and you are never bored and you look forward to each new day, then you probably aren't going to start using drugs.

Drugs are abused in response to a bad or boring life. Who do we blame for that? Drugs are like medicine to the user. Many are suicidal before they begin to use drugs. Threat of death is not a problem for them...us.

Who can be blamed when the entire world is at fault?

Well, before blame becomes understanding. Before we assign responsibility, we have to know the plan. Instead of searching to assign blame for ill conditions, we should be working together for solutions.

In 'my' orld, (and it is a very different place), we are at the end of God's current plan. We are just about to be redeemed. We needed technology, and now we have it, so now we can fix everything else. If everyone who loves God works together we really can initiate solutions.

So when I look out at all the young people using drugs to make their lives livable, I 'blame' the people with all the money, if I have to assign blame. They have control of the board, so to speak. In that context, life is a game. Now the trick is to play God's game. Unfortunately, the people holding the money are spiritually asleep. It might be possible to guide them in their sleep, as it is nearly impossible to wake them up.

My premise is that there are lots of star souls on our planet, but asteroid souls far outnumber them. The star souls are teenagers. The asteroid souls are like 2 and 3 year olds. Animals are babier souls and are to be cared for and not eaten. Now remember, the age of the human body is not the same as the age of the soul. For instance, I've been around the sun 43 times and I'm a trained human, but my soul is still 3. I'm motivated by different things than a star soul. I have different needs.

So God probably doesn't want human teenagers to be bored. They have so much strength and energy. They should be helping the world while being educated. At this age, it begins to be important to 'know thyself' as an asteroid soul or a star soul, so goals can be set for life. God probably doesn't want Spiritual Teenagers (star souls) to be bored either. They are very capable. They are naturally brighter. It's their nature! If we get them motivated it will be quite easy to initiate any plan.

A real world plan must take the whole world into consideration. My trip to India helped me learn about world needs. Not only did I see 3rd world poverty, first hand, but I also listened to the BBC there and learned that the world is much worse off than I had been led to believe. Incredible poverty. No education for kids. Slavish labor, even for children. Hell!

I already knew about lower middle class hell in the USA. I know all about that. And I know that disgusting crimes are going unpunished while untrained babies who fallen into a drug hole, are treated like criminals. I know that many of them were raped as children. This is a common crime in America. Children with special needs fall through the cracks of our societal structure every day. Affluent nations have their own special hellish problems.

So, now I'm going to describe another possible future.

First I want to divide the world into The Real World and The Game.

The Real World is the serious stuff. Doctors and lawyers and teachers! That kind of stuff. These institutions and organizations need to be fixed then enabled.

For instance, let's take the United States 'criminal justice system'. I'm all for 'innocent until proven guilty', but I'm not content with our system. All the good lawyer TV shows have episodes dealing with the fact that the criminal justice system is unjust, and 'the truth' is not what's important.

Right now, a defense attorney is supposed to try and 'get his client off'. It's as if the trial is only fair if the client has a chance of getting off. That isn't what it should be about. A trial should be held to determine the facts and to determine further, appropriate action one the facts are determined.

Also noticed that 'a jury of your peers' is not really the case. If someone's suspected of murder, the jury is not made up of suspected murders. No, the fact is, the jury is made of normal people, fellow citizens. Not only are 'normal people' subject to 'outside influences', such as jury tampering, but normal people can be crazy, even if they hide it well. We know nothing about the jurors. How do we know we really want them on ANY jury? We don't! If you have a driver's license you qualify.

On the other hand, there are some 'peers' that I would want to see on a jury. Lawyers! Lawyers are peers. They are our family members. They went to our elementary schools, they drive on the same roads and they shop at the same grocery stores. They are the kind of peers that ALL juries should be made up of.

There didn't used to be enough lawyers to facilitate this, when the bills were being suggested in the early days of United States Government. So when they wrote the ideas, they didn't have the option of suggesting that juries be made up of all lawyers.

Next, we need to switch their jobs. They need 6 to 12 highly trained, specialized peers to be searching for the facts. They get to use the police and private detectives and anything else, to determine the truth. The job of the jury is to determine the truth and do the right thing for the individual souls involved. For this, a judge must first decide the probable age of the souls in question. Then, if found guilty, they must go to an appropriate facility to work off their crime.

All punishment will reflect the fact that the guilty party was not brought up on a nice world where Jesus' ways were common. Many criminals were not brought up well at all. But God loves them and Jesus wants only what's best for each of God's children. Jesus took the suffering to Himself. He said to forgive your enemy not to cause your enemy suffering.

That leads to the need for a different solution for criminals. Putting them in jail doesn't deter them. It gives them free food. Most of the repeat criminals are asteroid souls. They don't know what else to do. They are broken. They were never trained correctly, because most of them come from dysfunctional, often broken asteroidal, families. They never had a chance. You don't put a baby in jail for being a baby.

We don't need more jails. We need a solution that will work. If you know the age of a person's soul, it is easy to guess what motivates them. Jesus knows how to motivate everyone.

Even before Jesus, Lord Buddha taught that a Buddha knows how to motivate individuals. Back in his day, that resulted in many RE Legions. Religions. The people in charge back then were trying to tame wild people with wild ideas. Now everyone has religion. Unfortunately, they can't all work together. They don't believe the same, and they can't get past it. They can't have a serious conversation together if beliefs are concerned, and they all happen to be very 'belief oriented' groups.

This brings me to The Game. The Game is very important right now, and most sane individuals on our planet will be motivated by The Game. The older star souls will be running it and delighting in its success. The younger asteroid souls will enjoy the relief of playing The Game.

The name of The Game is H.O.P.E. or Help Our Planet Earth. Here are the rules, and it is important to remember that I didn't say BELIEFS because The Game isn't about beliefs. The rules of The Game transcend the beliefs of any of its players. So people of different religions will have no trouble playing together, as long as they can be nice to each other. If they get in a fight, they go back to square one in India.

The rules are simple.

#1 Reincarnation is real. Therefore, when you come back, it will be into a womb. The most plentiful wombs are in underdeveloped countries.

#2 If you are naughty, you will be born into a womb in an underdeveloped country. THEREFORE, if you are naughty, you will be sent to one of these places to start building it into a better place, before you end up there in your next lifetime.

#3 All men are not created equal, and are not free.

We are not equal, some are young and some are teenaged. We have different needs and desires. Different things motivate us. We have different goals and agendas. We are going to different places after we die. We are not the same.

We are not free. We must breath clean air, we must eat, drink and excrete, and we must sleep. And that's not even mentioning traditions like wearing clothes and working. We are not free. We are completely held hostage by our bodies needs and our minds desires and the press of others, not God.

I don't necessarily believe all this. I believe some of it, but I could be wrong. Who cares, it's just a game. These are just the rules. 'If you are naughty in this life, you will be caught and sent to fix your next home before you're even dead.'

This is an excellent idea. Preparing for the future is a fine job. If you are not naughty, but just down on your luck or just plain bored, then you can also play the game. It's open to all who want to play. Some will be playing 'Around the World'. Others will be working off a debt. Others will be pursuing careers.

Who will be playing The Game? Capable youths, the unemployed and controllable criminals!

Who will be running The Game? Governments, businesses and educators!

That's why I need to talk to the Dalai Lama. He can initiate The Game, and offer the other solution for criminals, poor people and bored people. Once that option is available, I'm sure it will be used. Once it becomes popular, it becomes business-worthy. Then the star souls will take over and then we've won.

In the mean time, we will inconspicuously set up centers where children are brought up correctly. It will be free and everyone's welcome. The Center will not only care for the community, it will also be the center for The Game in that city.

We can fix the whole world, just by making it a piece of The Game. Does your fence need mending, AR1? Well, I have some free points for you, and you can give them to the young people who come fix your fence for you. As soon as you call the toll free number on the TV screen, or on the radio, you will be placed on a 'fix it' list and some nice young people will come fix it.

You don't have to be afraid, they wouldn't want to steal your stuff. If they did, they would have to go back to square one, in India. So they wouldn't just wouldn't. Besides, they wouldn't have anywhere to put it. They are on their way to some exciting place next month with their points and they only have limited space in their bags.

They won't be bored, they will want to wake up every morning. They will want to fix your fence and get those points. Those points, given free to you, are worth a lot in the game.

The Game can be accomplished with a high degree of organization. We know have to move large groups, the military taught us that. We know how to process people like sheep, and yet it's not happening. Lives are being left to rot and our world becomes a more horrible place to live every single day.

Every single day is a long time if you wish you were dead and there is no hope in sight. But just imagine if there was a place you could count on to treat you like Jesus would Himself.

I call that The Center. For now, they will be located at schools and Churches. Later, we can build better centers. If you need help, just go to the center. It is a place to go for help and support, and to offer help and support to others.

If you're bored, not only can you go there for some immediate entertainment, but you an also plan a trip. Change your entire life by playing the game. This isn't only good for people who are bored, it is just as good for homeless families living in their cars, or couples with 5 jobs between them just to pay the mortgage.

This world is so messed up right now that an idea like this will be a breath of fresh air. So many people will flock to play the game that things will happen fast. Maybe 1 or 2 billion people will want to change their lives immediately. When just one billion people dedicate 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, 50 weeks a year, well that's 1500 billion man hours in just one year.

While the tired, tired souls are playing the game and rejuvenating their love for life, the guys in charge will plan for the future. We must immediately begin to bring children up in The Center. We need them on the same page, and we need them to know that we, their elders, were not living in accordance with God's wishes. We can raise vegetarians and demand vegetarianism as the norm for our society. We can make certain things illegal in 70 years. That means all the bad habits that we currently 'can't live without' can be phased out by The Center so that in 70 years they won't even be a problem.

The 70 year plan is designed to be a smooth transition for today's broken souls. We were not trained properly. We are not as we should be. We don't sit by the fire and sing songs to God. We don't tend our fields and our friendly chickens, the chickens we feed and protect in exchange for their spare eggs. The chickens we never have to kill again, unless they are in endless pain.

If I'm correct and animals are baby souls, then this planet is really hellish right now. The way we treat the animals is atrocious. So, so bad, every single day. If those screams reach Jesus, like our screams do, then Jesus must be in great agony every single day. Is Earth also sickened by our conduct? Do we leave a trail of spiritual slime in our wake as we travel through the Heavens due to our hellish behavior?

Let me ask you this, have you ever heard tell of the drinking of blood being related to Satanism? Well, how is the drinking of blood from a glass any different from eating the blood from a steak? I'm finding no technical difference that allows for eating meat.

In The Bible, the plants are given to man for food until Noah came out of the Ark and sacrificed to God. After the fat was burned to God, the meat was eaten. The splattered an awful lot of blood around, too. First The Bible says don't eat anything with the blood in it, and the Preachers and Rabbis and Fathers tell you the is implied in the original Hebrew, but I'm not believing a word about the original Hebrew until I can get some expert opinions on what I found in the Hebrew. Rabbis are quite difficult to work with, and most others can't understand the questions at all.

So what if we aren't supposed to eat anything that bleeds?

So that's some of 'my' world. What do you think? I just want to wake up the Dalai Lama so the world can have some peace. I have many details about how this may be accomplished. I don't think I'm delusional. I think I'm blessed. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see.

What if I told you that Jesus will come back the moment we all quit eating animals? That would make a great Rule #4. What do you think our chances of getting Jesus back this year would be? But what if we give it 70 years? Do you think we could manage it then?

Personally, I believe Jesus never left, that He just made Himself BIG so He could be with all of us simultaneously. Look at all those vowels in sImUltAnEOUslY. What a fine word.

Take care and a great big hug,

Still, Pikasmiley - schooloffish

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Also ran 1

Pika dear smiley - rose
Whew! You have written at length about things which obviously you have thought about. Many of the things you say are true. Some are very difficult to achieve. There are some things which I do not agree with and one of the things is when you talk about Satan.
You are very much an idealist. I think that it is important that we should each of us do our very best to lead a good life and to be kind and compassionate and generous to everyone we meet.
The best way of course is to follow the instruction in the Bible to
"Do unto others as you would be done by".
If everyone followed that golden rule the world would be a much better plavce.
It is good that you have such a world vision. I do not have such aspirations and sit and try to do what I can.
Take care dear friend,
AR1 smiley - schooloffish
With a big hug.

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You are already an inspiration and a wonderful focus. You are intelligent and easy to write to.

As far as Satan goes, I don't think you believe he is our big brother, do you. Well, that's what the Mormons teach as part of their doctrine. They say our big brother committed unforgivable sins.

I asked them what if Satan asked for forgiveness in the name of Jesus Christ, whereby all may be saved?

They didn't know, and said they would get back to me with the answer.

The next week, they said that Satan didn't want to be forgiven, and that he likes being bad.

That's pretty lame. I'm not buying that. Like anyone they knew had spoken to Satan lately.

So I checked around as best I could and other religions also say that Satan is our big brother. The Catholics are the largest group I know of, and they have old roots.

So what if Satan asked forgiveness for any sins he may have committed, and I'm not saying he committed any intentional sins, but I can't be sure. But what if he asked for forgiveness in the name of Jesus Christ and did penance and Jesus loves him.

Then what? Then anybody doing anything wrong and blaming it on Satan would be mistaken.

I think the only way our problems might be blamed on Satan is if Satan initiated the eating of meat and confounded the words that made it a sin. I believe that eating meat creates the spiritual sickesses that devour mankind, not an organized leader out to capture souls.

As for me, I think Jesus loves his brother. I just have a feeling. And because there is no way to prove such a thing, I think I will give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps by offering forgiveness for all sins, Jesus was making an offer that Satan couldn't possibly refuse.

And of course you may never agree with me concerning these things, but I assure you, I love Jesus and I love God's plan. I try to live each moment as if they are watching. I believe they keep track of us using our own brains, of all things. I think that when we fall asleep, they can download our memories, just like on a computer.

Also, it is important to remember that the original golden rule was written in reverse - don't do unto other what you would not have done to you. And on that note, please know that I'm not trying to lead you down any path. I would never do that unto any other as I would not have it done to me.

I'm sorry the last post was so long, it just kept growing.

Take care,

Still, Pika smiley - schooloffishsmiley - schooloffish
smiley - schooloffish

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Also ran 1

Very dear Pika,
Thanks for your reply. I shall digest it over the weekend and come back to you. of course I believe that Our Lord forgives everyone. He would not be all-Good if he did not. But somewhere along the line there are responsabilities which we have towards our fellow creatures. I am sure that you are one person who fulfils them to the utmost. Hopefully most of us try. However it is important to remember that not only do you love Jesus, but Jesus loves you. I think that that is a tremendous help and guide for our lives.
With an affectionate smiley - hug AR1 smiley - schooloffish

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Researcher 185550

Off the subject, have you ever read Descartes' proof of the soul?

It goes like this:

The sceptic says that you can't /know/ anything other than yourself exists. But you can know /you/ exist- after all you are thinking thoughts. Thoughts just don't come from nowhere. Other stuff, if it doesn't exist, must also come from your thoughts (more about this a little later). Now look at your body. You must exist, as you are thinking. You must be thinking with something, because something exists for you to be thinking with. But your body is just like other material things- it may not exist. And if it may not exist, your mind must be able to exist independantly of your body. A soul.

If everything else doesn't exist, then you must already know everything. After all, there's nowhere else for it to come from.

Descartes also tried to prove God exists, but it wasn't very convincing. I don't reckon you need a proof- if you believe you believe.

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