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Taco Salads

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Jimi X

One of my personal favourites is a 'Taco Salad' combining all the best of tacos and salads into one eating orgy.

You start with a bed of greens (I prefer iceberg lettuce) and on top of that either tortilla chips or broken taco shells.

Spoon a few ounces of taco-seasoned ground beef or chicken that is still warm

On top of that add a hearty mound of cheese (any type of shredded cheddar is fine)

On top of the cheese, add some heated refried beans so the cheese gets nice and melty between the meat and beans

Add more cheese on top of the beans and tomatoes if you like (which I personally don't)

Around the edges of the plate you can add globs of salsa, sour cream and guacomole.

Yummy and a great way to get rid of any leftovers after serving tacos the night before

smiley - cheers

- X

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Taco Salads

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