A Conversation for Evolution and Creation - an Introduction and Glossary


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Oh, and Re: the dissapearance of Josh the Genius...

His main internet access was at his school, and I think that American schools have ended for the summer. So it doesn't look like he'll be around for a while smiley - erm

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Schrödinger's Cat-flap

This is probably one of the most interesting conversations I've ever been involved in. Life would be so boring if no-one ever argued, wouldn't it?
-TPV smiley - smiley


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Yes it would smiley - winkeye


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life would actually be more interesting if I didn't muck up my posts. the last one was meant to say 'No it wouldn't' in a pseudo-Pythonesque most-modern ironic fashion.


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Josh is round here somewhere.

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Yeah, I noticed yesterday smiley - ok


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"a trillion tickets every single second" - this is the crux of why Creationists don't believe evolution; they don't appear to understand the vastness of time and space. A "ghost in the machine" is easier to fathom, even if it's nonsensical.

At the age of six, I understood that an incomprehensible universe is no better explained by the existance of an incomprehensible God.

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