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BrisVegas name predates Treasury casino

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I first heard the name 'BrisVegas' from a friend while living in Bundaberg in 1993... The casino, if I recall correctly, didn't open until April 1995. While the name has certainly gained popularity since the opening of the casino, it definately predates the casino's arrival.

I'm trying to track down my friend to see if he can shed some light on the origin of the term...


BrisVegas name predates Treasury casino

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BrisVegas name predates Treasury casino

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Yep you're probably right. There was a minor controversy recently because Rockhampton city officials claimed (tongue-in-cheek?) that Brisbane stole the "vegas" idea from them to use for promotional purposes.

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BrisVegas name predates Treasury casino

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(For non-Australian hitchhikers, Rockhampton is a town about 700klm north of Brisbane. At least as early as the mid-eighties, Rockhampton was known locally as "Rockvegas", from the Flinstones cartoon's version of Las Vegas (apparently). This is, of course, irony)

BrisVegas name predates Treasury casino

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Germans use the word "Brisvegas" to refer to Brisbane, in large sentances. However, they may have changed from German, to English slang, using Brisvegas to sound flowery.

BrisVegas name predates Treasury casino

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You're absolutely right. Brisvegas was in use before the Treasury opened. It came into it's own in around 1996 after The Casino had opened and Brisbane was dubbed nought but a Transit Centre. Apparently tourists come to Brisbane on their way to other places. Brisvegans seemed to take the name on in some pride around then. Perhaps as a way of laughing at the transit centre likeness which Bris truly does have. In fact the view is still widely held that Brisbane is nothing more than a transit stop for the rest of Queensland. Although does seem to be attracting tourists itself these days.


BrisVegas name predates Treasury casino

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As a Brisbaner I absolutely HATE the term BrisVegas. I may have been used as the casino before, but now it is used to refer to Brisbane as a whole.

Virgin Blue Airlines has now taken it up as some sort of joke and now when you arrive in Brisbane from a domestic flight you get a big sign that says 'Welcome to BrisVegas'.

Yuk! Who wants to be anything like Vegas!smiley - erm

BrisVegas name predates Treasury casino

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Yes, I don't think the term was ever meant to be complimentary - ironic that it's been subverted, then.

Which reminds me, I need to get this entry updated...

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