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Arana Hills - The Forgotten Suburb

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A very large percentage of Brisbane don't even know where Arana Hills is. I have lived in Arana Hills ever since my family moved to Brisbane back in 1990. I am currently a Taxi-driver and am extending my knowledge of Brisbane. Arana Hills is a green leafy suburb, well laid out, and mostly quiet and crime-free

Arana Hills is in the Pine Rivers Shire and lies wholly outside of the Brisbane City Council right next to Keperra (Grovely), Ferny Grove and Everton Park about 12KM north-west of the City. Arana Hills forms the hub of the Hills District which consists of Arana Hills, Everton Hills and Ferny Hills. (SIDE NOTE: several businesses in the Hills District use the name Arana (Arana Auto Electrics is actually in Ferny Hills) so they can be alphabetically advantaged)

**General Geography:
There are several main roads in Arana Hills, including: Dawson Parade, Patricks Road, Plucks Road and Southpine Road. There are mnay parks of varying sizes within the suburb, including the largest, Leslie Patrick park, which contains an Athletics field, a Council centre (with a large community hall (for hire)) and large playground/BBQ facilities, as well as all-weather bike/walking tracks. Leslie Patrick Park is directly across Dawson Parade from the Business District. Leslie Patrick was one of the original farmers in the area. Another significant park is Narellan Park (named after the adjacent street and Sydney "`burb") and in this park you will find a small playground and the local council library, which is pretty modern and linked to the other council libraries. Cheap internet access is available in the library. (though only residents can actually borrow material)

Arana Hills has an large business district including some of the following companies:

Kmart, Coles, Pizza Hut, Dominoes, Red Rooster, Hungry Jacks, Shell service station, Caltex service station (24 hrs), Subway, several Chinese restraunts, a computer store, a Computer gaming lounge, a bike shop, an Auto spare parts shop, several bakeries and butchers, a general store, a Gym, a Westpac Bank, a Bank of QLD, a Commonwealth Bank, an ANZ Bank, a Suncorp-Metway Bank, several Cafes, a Video Shop, A vet, A pet shop, several Medical-type places (doctor/dentist/etc), a pharmacy, several fruit shops, a Bottle Shop and half-a-dozen Real Estate agents.

There is a McDonalds and a KFC only several hundred metres up Dawson Parade in Keperra (Grovely).

A recent housing estate called Arlington has grown into an almost official Locality with it's own shopping centre.

There are no hotels or motels in Arana Hills (or the surrounding areas for that matter), so accomodation is difficult. The only place for a drink (excepting the licensed restraunts) is at the Arana Leagues Club (which is actually over the creek, technically in Keperra (Grovely)/ Brisbane City Council). This is a pretty happening club with plenty of gambling facilities, a full bistro/bar and sportsbar. The Rubgy League team plays in the local competition.

Other pubs and clubs in the surrounding areas include: Ferny Grove Tavern, Finn MacCools (Keperra), Ferny Grove Bowls Club and the Keperra Golf Club

There is a reasonable bus service which either runs into the city or to Ferny Grove Train Station, depending which side of the road you catch your bus on.

Taxis service the area regulary and can usually be ordered without hassle day or night. Taxis will only sit on the ranks (both in the shopping centre and in the street outside) when they're not busy. It's an easy trip into the city and beyond.

If you want to catch a train, There are two possible stations, depending on where you leave from. If you're on the east side of the suburb, it's best to head up Dawson Parade to the Grovely Train Station. If you're on the west side, head down Ferny Way and across Samford Road to the Ferny Grove Train Station. Train fares from either station are the same. (change trains in the city to go just about anywhere, including the airport)

There isn't really much in the way of major tourist attractions in Arana Hills, except for maybe the keen shopper, but then again, shopping is better elsewhere. The only decent attraction is in Ferny Hills, the Woolshed, which features stereotypical Australian fare, including sheep/sheepshearing, kangaroos, wallabies, etc. Despite this, the Woolshed is hugely popular, and has a half-decent restraunt/cafe and a waterslide park.

There are no schools within Arana Hills, but there are many around it, Including 2 high schools and 6 primary schools (including 2 private). There is a TAFE college in Grovely which specialises in Horticultre.

Arana Hills - The Forgotten Suburb

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I ride through Arana Hills on my way to work every day!

Why don't you turn this into a guide entry (you can link to the Brisbane entry)? It's pretty easy to do...I can help you with GuideML if you like, or you can leave it in text for the subeditors to fix up smiley - smiley

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Arana Hills - The Forgotten Suburb

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yeah, that'd be great, I'm not sure how to do anything much round here.

Arana Hills - The Forgotten Suburb

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Just go to your space "my space" at the top/side, and click on add new guide entry - you can copy and paste the conversation posting you made above for a start smiley - smiley

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Arana Hills - The Forgotten Suburb

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I used to live in Arana Hills, on Plucks Road. It's a really nice area. You didn't mention the huge park that speads from View Cres to the IGA (Arlington). I forget what it's called.

Great site

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Arana Hills - The Forgotten Suburb

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