A Conversation for Operating Doors

...until door BEAKS?

Post 1


Hit it with a sledgehammer until it BEAKS? Eh?


...until door BEAKS?

Post 2

Whoami - iD dislikes punctuation

Oh, Ashley!

This should be sorted on Monday - the occasional tpyo does slip through the net...

Whoami? smiley - cake

...until door BEAKS?

Post 3

Frankie Roberto

Blame me. Opps. smiley - smiley

...until door BEAKS?

Post 4

World Service Memoryshare team

And me! Anyway, all done smiley - smiley

...until door BEAKS?

Post 5


smiley - laugh

smiley - cool

...until door BEAKS?

Post 6

Wargamer (The Wanderer)

Was that by bad, or Frankies?

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...until door BEAKS?

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