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Hi Zaphod,

I'm relatively new to h2g2, and so occasionally browse around and click on entries that interest me.

I live almost in the epicentre of CS territory.

I reckon I saw the very first one of recent times when I observed a 'singleton' at the foot of Westbury Hill. I've forgotten the date (temporaily) but I would be able to find it out by checking postcrds that I bought whilst on holiday in France that year. However, having justread a book on the subject this afternoon ,it said that the crop circle(s) appeared in Westbury in 1980. This would feel about right.

This was several years before I read about the phenomenon. I remember standing on the White Horse and looking down into the field below, wondering what on Earth could have caused a perfect circle in the corn, with no vehicle marks or anything. I recall that I mentally speculated on things like Mad MNarch Hares charging around in circles, thus flattenuing the corn - but why was the circle so perfect?

Retrospectively, I always wish I had taken a photo and/or written a letter to the local rag - to immortalise my name with the phenomenon.

<smiley - biggrin

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