A Conversation for Crop Circles

Young Farmers & Beer

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Bald Bloke

No more need be said smiley - smiley

Young Farmers & Beer

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Monsignore Pizzafunghi Bosselese

Er... sorry to be raining on your parade, but personal experience has shown me that drunken farmers (or drunken people of *any* profession) have problems walking straight ahead or in a perfect circle smiley - winkeye

Young Farmers & Beer

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My experience of young farmers after a few beers shows that some of the highly conplex geometric fractals that appear as crop circles could never be made by drunken farmers! Drunken astro physicists maybe!smiley - biggrin

Seriously though, some circles could be made in a single night by drunks as they are quite rough but some of the precise geometric complex ones could never be made overnight, see some of the images here for what I mean,


Young Farmers & Beer

Post 4


But then again....perhaps its not aliens smiley - biggrin


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