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The Circlemakers Themselves...

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...have a website smiley - smiley


Well worth a look... even if they do use an unreadable font smiley - headhurts

The Circlemakers Themselves...

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I pointed out that site in the Peer Review thread, and suggested that it should be included. But, in spite of the fact that they have a 'Best of the Web' recommendation from another part of BBCi..

cue ominous music...

the site was apparently down when the moderators were checking, so the author left it out.

more ominous music...

It's always been visible anytime I looked, but perhaps cosmic vibrations
only make it visible to sceptics??

smiley - rose

The Circlemakers Themselves...

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smiley - laugh

Yeah, it definitely deserves to be mentioned...

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The Circlemakers Themselves...

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