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where's the facts!!!!????

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This entry has something mising. FACTS ABOUT THE COUNTRY. All I see in this entry is beer,beer BEER!.

where's the facts!!!!????

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you want facts? There's some wonderful encyclopaedias out there on the net, or in a library.

And you can't get beer in libraries. Or indeed experience Australia from one.

where's the facts!!!!????

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Evil Roy: Maestro of the Thingite Orchestra, Knight Errant of the Thingite Cause, Prince of Balwyniti, Aussie Researchers A59204

"And you can't get beer in libraries"

And what a tragedy that is! I'd be more tempted to visit one if they did serve smiley - ale.

smiley - cheerssmiley - musicalnote

where's the facts!!!!????

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There's plenty of bookstores that sell coffee, so why not a library that sells beer? No imagination these literary types...

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where's the facts!!!!????

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