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Granny Weatherwax - ACE - Hells Belle, Mother-in-Law from the Pit - Haunting near you on Saturday

Do you remember the version written specially for the Sinclair ZX81?

Good entry, reminds me of the days we used to play it when I ran a Beaver Colony smiley - yikes 30 6 year old boys zombieing round a Scout Hut smiley - yikes


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Uncle Ghengis

Well, I remember the ZX81 - although I didn't actually have one. (Or a ZX80 or Spectrum or any of those old machines really). So I don't remember the game either; but it sounds fun.

As for playing Zombies - I play it with my kids all the time. (But 30 or more kids would be far, far better - I can almost imagine the shrieks of terror and fun, right now.)

Uncle Ghengis


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we played a variant of this when we were about 12-14, more like hide and seek.

the player who is the zombie has to secrete themselves somewhere that the other players won't see them but will afford the maximum amount of suprise when the zombie jumps out and catches them.

the bigger the scare from the zombie, the better the game. it's funny for the zombie and the people who aren't getting caught. our rules are once caught you go to a communal area until all are caught. 1st person caught becomes zombie next time. best played at night in the semi dark, around autumn.

i used to rule at that game crouching down and waiting for a player to go past me, then go up behind them quietly and then tap them on the shoulder and go " guess what, zombie ZOMBIE!" if you can make them scream then you rule!

roaming zombie is always a good variant as players don't expect the zombie to move when they are looking for them, allows you to sneak up them.


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Uncle Ghengis

For our family, Zombie is an almost constant passtime. At any moment - either one of my sons or I will suddenly transform into a zombie - intent on eating brains & infecting the rest of the family.

No one is safe! Ever...

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