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kasese<a rather confused individual, desperately seeking Harmony>

Your'e so dead on. Good entry. Men and women are clearly different in the way they deal with their emotions. My best friend and soul mate (who is a man) is sufferring with Leukemia. when not feeling well, he becomes very insular and un responsive.- not answering the phoneand not communicatng with others including myself. When I sulk, I truly feel helpless and have the sense that" Everything is my fault." I often worry that the reason that my friend doesn't contact me is because I possibly said something wrong. However, ss far as" How To Sulk and Places to Sulk", this is where I lose my understanding of what you are actually trying to convey. On the one hand you are philosphical and empathetic, on the other hand you are almost synical. Then, when one gets to the end of your article, you become almost empathetic once again (The Silver Lining) SKathleen


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Thanks for the comments. smiley - smiley
"Places to Sulk" was going to be the bulk of my entry, but I found I could convey it pretty concisely.
Perhaps a bit too concisely.

I guess the point is that you need to feel absolutely unapproachable. I hadn't meant to be too cynical. I'm not explaining myself very well am I?

Er... any more questions, just ask. smiley - smiley

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