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Twenty-First Century Schizoid Man

Yeah, but whenever I sulk, my mom throws a whole shitload of psycho-babble at me, including "passive temper tantrum". Its annoying as hell.

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Oooh, sounds naaarsty.

Well, take heart in the fact that there is an equally sized ream of psycho-babble working in your defence.
Unfortunately it hasn't been studied and written up yet...

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At least she reacts. I used to sulk, especially public sulking. I've done the silence, the short answers, the works but nobody noticed. The only exception is my Dad and instead of comforting me he just did his best to wind me up, an usually suceeded too. I've given up sulking, nothing comes of it.

/R the smiley - spider

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Ah, the counter attacks!

Perhaps your family should write a collaborative entry on How To Parry The Sulker. smiley - biggrin

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