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Researcher 198131

Has anyone seen Nemesis yet?
What did you think?

Can of worms time here- Why was Wesley Crusher at the wedding in Starfleet uniform?

What was Worf's excuse for being back on the Enterprise this time?

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Both excellent questions. I know I don't know as much STNG history as most, but I can't think of one good reason why Worf, the Captain of his own little ship, would be security officer back on the Enterprise again...unless he was invited to the wedding (which he was) and assumed that role when they were unexpectantly ordered to the Romulan homeworld.

As to why Weasley would be in Starfleet uniform.....um....don't know...did he actually formally leave starfleet?

The concept of nature or nurture that the movie brings out is a fasinating one though...are we our genetic predisposition, or are we a sum of our experiences or both?

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Researcher 198131

Worf is supposed to be a klingon ambassador or something isn't he. I haven't seen the last series of DS9 yet.

Wesley left starfleet academy to go off traveling with an alien called the Traveler.

Yes the nature v. nurture question is fascinating.

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Doug A Scott

I haven't seen the DVD of Nemesis yet, but I gather there are a couple of deleted scenes in which Wesley and Worf's presence are explained.



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Researcher 198131

I haven't seen the DVD yet either, but I've heard the Wesley scenes are cut from that as well. Oh well, I read the novelisation that explained things better.

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I didn't even notice Wesley there!

Anyway, on the Worf topic, it didn't explain why he was on the Enterprise during Star Trek Insurrection, instead only explaining that he would not return until the mission (and the film) had finished.


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Researcher 198131

Hmm, I'm straining my memory here. I think they do kind of explain why Worf is on the Enterprise during Insurrection. I think it was a kind of lame exuse though.

Wesely. He's at the wedding reception on the main table to the far left while Picard is making his speach. Don't blink.

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