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.Speaking as someone who was around when there was just 'Heavy Metal' to be bought, I bought Meteora as sick of the plasticity of the single charts with the likes of Girls Aloud.

Although I dont really like hip-hop music, the rock/rap combination seems to work quite well, I call it 'rock' as there seems to be so many classes of rock music these days its confusing....thrash,nu-metaL,etc.

Have been listening a lot to Storm Radio and am surprised to find that rock is alive and well, am a little sad to find that there is some sort of modified punk music still going. I loved the first clash L.P, one of my all time favourites, but for mohican haircuts to drag on for 25 years is a bit much !

Anyway, gonna buy another C.D, maybe Deftones, should really know better at my age,lol.

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