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Malcolm Perkins

As one of the most experienced Best man speech writers on the Internet, I wouldn't recommend Best men in the UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand to use this site.

Not that I am criticising it in any way, but although the source is cleverly hidden, it looks American to me and some of the etiquette may be incorrect for our weddings. Also some of the text sounds like it has been written by George Bush.

For example the Best man doesn't welcome the guests over here in the UK, the Father of the Bride and Groom do that.

Best Wishes

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Malcolm Perkins

Sorry my last post should have said, the Father of the Bride and the Groom.

Best Wishes

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Best Man App

I am the founder of BestManApp.com.

Let me apologise in advance. I do not like to participate in forums without first contributing, however in this case I feel compelled to defend my website which has been discussed in this thread.

Allow me to correct a number of errors in Mr Perkins message above.

I am Irish, my company is Irish and our many satisfied customers are from all over the world, including thousands from the United Kingdom.

Mr Perkins is not and never has been a customer of ours. In fact, searching these forums it is clear he owns a competing website, though he omits to mention his affiliation in his message above. I'm afraid this also betrays the motivations behind his false comments.

Searching through his previous posts, it seems he constantly uses these forums to promote his own service while denigrating any others that are mentioned, with or without experience of them.

Mr Perkins is probably a fine writer and clearly works hard to promote his business. It is a shame he feels the need to use such negative and disingenuous tactics to attack competitors. When have you ever seen a quality brand behave like this?

Finally, Mr Perkins refers to his experience. His website was established in 2002. An admirable feat. The precursor to Best Man App was my Speech Success website which I established in 2000. At that time it was the second website that provided Best Man Speeches on the Internet and has done so ever since.

There are many fine websites that provide free and paid best man speeches and other best man services. My advice to any best man is to shop around and find the service that resonates with you.

Oh, and beware of "independent" "reviews" on forums.

Best wishes and good luck,

Founder BestManApp.com

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Malcolm Perkins

Hi Dan,

Thanks for your reply.

Ist of all I am not claiming to be a previous customer of yours and my details are posted clearly for all to see. I have not hidden the fact that I am a competing website and I take your point about me using negative remarks about other sites, which in general would not be professional. I began my first wedding speech website in 1999 www.aspeech.co.uk and first thought up the concept of a wedding speech template that year.

In this case and on some of my other postings, I am merely pointing out that the advice given in the samples is incorrect for Best man speeches in the UK.

I also couldn't see any address on your website, as there is on all my websites and should be on any professional site selling products. Having read several American spellings of common words and wrong advice, I assumed you were in the USA. Are you sure you are not the Dan [Brown] I once caught posting on here as a customer, when in fact I found your name on the affiliate page of the website you were praising?

The whole post was removed by the BBC as they knew in was false.

Best Wishes

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Best Man App


In response to your latest aspersion, Dan is a common name. I am not the Dan Brown who seems to mimic your tactics. I am also not Dan Brown, the multi-millionaire author of the Da Vinci code (unfortunately). You'll have to take my word that this is the second post I've made to this forum (the first being above).

To jump from seeing that my name was Dan to your line of thought betrays how your mind thinks and operates. Life is better if you relax and assume the best in people, not the worst, and behave accordingly yourself.

I don't think it serves anyone for this dialog to continue so I'll opt out from this post. I can only hope that your future forum etiquette improves as a result of our exchange.

I honestly wish you and your website well. I think there's enough room in the world for both of us to provide valuable services to our customers.

Good luck and best wishes,

Dan (not Brown)

ps - The web archive (web.archive.org) shows that aspeech.co.uk launched in 2001, but hey, what's a few years between friends?

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Malcolm Perkins


I will let this drop too. My main concern has never been to publicise myself on this forum, but as a lot of people will read it, I stick up for myself if I believe that websites from the USA are not so much encroaching by falsely publicising themselves, not that I am saying you have; but also providing wrong information for UK weddings.

You do use a lot of American spellings, such as dialog and appear to have gone to a lot of trouble to hide any conatct details.

It was only when I checked Alexa in disbelief as to the date of aspeech, that I remembered from 1999 to 2001 I used the name wantaspeech.

Good Luck and Best Wishes to you too.


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Feisor - -0- Generix I made it back - sortof ...

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If either of you attempt to publicise your websites it will be removed

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Malcolm Perkins


Sorry. smiley - blush

I understand where you are coming from, but my contribution to this post began because I wrongly or rightly believed that the original post, was set up to advertise a site that was giving false advice to UK Best men. As the original post has now been removed, it would make sense to remove all the follow ups.

Best Wishes

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