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20 Best Man Jokes

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BestManHelp.com has a list of the Top 20 Best Man Jokes, my personal favourite is :

This lady announces to her friends "It is I who made my husband a millionaire", her friends are impressed and ask what he was before she met him to which she replies "A multi-millionaire!

Cool site with no charge :

20 Best Man Jokes

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Hi FanofU2,
The site is ok, but it seems to be a vehicle to make some money from Google adsense to me, rather than a serious site. I imagine it is USA based and the humour doesn't always work this side of the Atlantic. Also the site is enticing you to buy, but where are the contact details etc. The www.best-man-speech.co.uk site I bought my speech material from, even has the phone number and looks far more genuine.

20 Best Man Jokes

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I have to disagree with you on that one. The site you mentioned doesn't seem to exist whereas www.bestmanhelp.com offers so much free information such as;

Tips For Best Man Speeches
The Secrets To A Successful Best Man Speech
Five Marriage One-Liners etc

The more quality free Best Man websites the better but for me, for free regularly updated content Best Man Help is the winner.

20 Best Man Jokes

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Here is another joke to add to the list, I opened my best man speech for my brother Fred with "If there is anyone here feeling nervous, apprehensive, unsure about what the future holds... that is probably because you have just married Fred!"

It received lots of laughssmiley - biggrin and gave me a confident start.

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