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As a frustrated Best Man I perused and bought from more than a few online speeches websites. In terms of value for money and original content I put the standing ovation I received down to http://www.speechsuccess.com

Sample Best Man Speeches

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Secret Love

One stunning best man speech started : "Words cannot convey my feelings towards Helen and Andy, so I have decided that I shall present my speech through the medium of expressive dance." Signals to maitre d' and the music starts... The best man then went into a series of movements that will be familiar to anyone who has ever attended a Methodist ceremony where someone dances to religious music.

You need cojones to do it, but brilliant.

Suddenly he stopped returned to the microphone and said "I'm sorry I'll have to stop. I promised I wouldn't get too emotional."

smiley - magic

Sample Best Man Speeches

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You would certainly need "cojones" to do that, if (like mesmiley - biggrin) you prefer the experts to do the hard work then Best Man Training (http://www.bestmantraining.com/) is the site to visit.

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I began to panic about 4 weeks before having to deliver my bestman speech before finding some great resources online, but there is no need to pay for bestman speeches, with a little research you can find free samples that real people have posted, these guys called nuptales have a database of speeches, check it :


Sample Best Man Speeches

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Thanks for these links, my stint as Best Man is on Fridaysmiley - wah, I will let you know how it goes.

Sample Best Man Speeches

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I've just had to do a Best Man speech as part of a three man team - which helped take some of the nerves away!! We did it in a christmas themed 'ghost of christmas past/present/future etc.. but obviously all about the groom.

Pleased to say it worked really well! We used http://www.bestmansspeeches.com to put it all together - don't know about the other guys listed here but dead impressed with ours.


Sample Best Man Speeches

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Malcolm Perkins

[Unsuitable/Broken URL removed by Moderator]Hi Rob,

I am delighted to hear about your great idea and success. The site that you used to put your ideas together is a UK site; something that I have been unashamedly plugging to UK Best men. I don't know the people, but the site looks excellent and it also has a contact phone number.

What people don't realise is that the majority of sites recommended on here are USA sites and in general the material and humour is incorrect for UK and Irish weddings. Many of the sites have been possibly recommended by aliases they have set up themselves; although all credit to the monitors, many have been weeded out.

Most of their sites are set up by people who have possibly never written a wedding speech; and unlike myself and the site you recommended, they are not sat behind a desk willing to help people with advice, hence the lack of a phone number. If there is no phone number on the site, I would suggest giving them a miss.

When it comes to a UK Best man speech, it pays to go British. smiley - cheers

Best Wishes


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