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Malcolm Perkins

I have written over 2500 wedding speeches and my most asked question is what should the 3 main speeches contain. I have attempted to set out for you, the basics of the traditional Wedding speeches.

These rules are not hard and fast and nowadays other people like to speak such as the Bride, the Chief Bridesmaid and the Father of the Groom. It is preferable to prearrange who is going to speak and the order, especially if there is a Toastmaster.

The Best man’s speech should be funny, but it should not be an extension of the Stag night and it will be better received by the family audience, if it is written accordingly. Tales of strippers on the Stag night and what they did to the Groom will not go down well with the Bride's family.

It has also become more common to shorten the ordeal for the speakers, by holding the speeches before the meal. Personally, I think an audience who have had a nice meal and possibly a few drinks may be a more receptive audience.

Here is the traditional order.

Brides Father's speech, contents and etiquette.

In traditional Weddings, this is the first speech.--Basically to:
Welcome the Groom's parents, relatives of both families and friends.
To praise the Bride's appearance and relate about her family life.
To welcome the Groom into the family.
To give words of wisdom and good wishes to the couple.
To propose a toast to the Bride and Groom.
To thank Caterers, Clergy and anyone who has especially helped with the Wedding and Reception.
If no Toastmaster to introduce the Groom.

Bridegroom's speech, contents and etiquette.

In Traditional Weddings, this is the second speech after the Bride's Father.Basically, this speech is to:
To thank the Bride's parents for allowing him to take their daughters hand in marriage.
To give a thank you to his own parents, for all the happy years together.
To give thanks to the hosts and anybody who has contributed to the Wedding and Reception.
To say some nice words about the Bride.[Whatever you do don't forget your Bride. I went to a wedding many years ago and the Groom didn't mention his Bride. She made him stand up again and he still hasn't lived it down.
To thank and propose a toast to the Bridesmaids.
To thank the Flower girls, Page boys and ring bearers.
To thank the Best man and possibly relate about him.
To thank the Ushers or Groomsmen.
To thank everybody for the kind wishes, cards and lovely presents.
If no Master of Ceremonies, to introduce the Best man.

Best Man's speech.

In traditional weddings, the third speech after the Bride's Father and Groom.Basically:To compliment the Bride and Groom and give good wishes for their future together.
To thank the Groom for asking you to be Best man.
To relate funny stories about the Groom, nothing too rude and no mention of previous lady friends.
To relate a little about the Bride and praise her appearance.
To respond on behalf of the Bridesmaids by thanking the Groom for his kind words.
[This is OK if the Groom does mention or toast the Bridesmaids, but if he doesn't you end up thanking him for something he hasn't done and you look the fool.
Therefore I thank the Bride on behalf of the Bridesmaids.
To thank the Bride on behalf of the Flower girls, Page boys and ring bearers.
To thank the Hosts on behalf of the Guests.
To read out a few cards, probably from absent relatives or close friends.
If no Master of Ceremonies, to introduce the next item. May be the cutting of the cake, but pre-arrange.

If anybody would like a free sheet of speechmaking tips, please download one from my website. If you would like to discuss your speech I enjoy helping and my advice is free. 01472 237973 Business hours or leave a message any time.

Best Wishes and Good Luck with your speech.




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Wedding Speech Contents

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Malcolm Perkins

I am not surprised you recommend it Dean; it would seem to be your site according to the affiliate page. Unless it is owned by another Dean Brown of course.smiley - biggrin

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