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3 sketches you should be reminded of

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Andy Adorno, scourge of... well, everything, really

Yes I know it's a huge subject and yes I know you couldn't possibly fit it all into your entry, but here are 5 (3 sir) 3 of my favorite bits of Python lunacy that I think are worth sharing (even if it does brand me a total geek):

Spectrum: "Tonight's Spectrum examines the whole question of frothing and falling, coughing and calling, screaming and bawling, wailing and stalling, brawling and mauling, falling and hauling, trawling and squalling and zalling. Zalling! Is there even a word zalling?" Michael Palin deserves an award for saying this all at about 5 thousand miles an hour and never stumbling once. "What do I mean by do, and what do I do by mean? What do I do by do by do..."

The Cycling Tour: Terry Jones goes cycling, falls down a lot, picks up a hitchiker who thinks he's both Clodaugh Rogers and Leon Trotsky, and somehow ends up at a British Consulate in Smolensk that's been taken over by bingo-obsessed Chinese. "Bingo! Oh Bingo! Bingo!"

Alastair Cook being attacked by a duck: alright, so it's on a record, but it's hysterical. Eric Idle begins talking monotonously and is soon overpowered by the sound of a thousand ducks...

3 sketches you should be reminded of

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Danny B

Bingo! smiley - laughsmiley - laughsmiley - laughsmiley - laugh

I'd forgotten about that...

I wish I had room to include everybody's suggestions in the article, but it would end up bigger than the rest of the Guide put together smiley - smiley

smiley - cheers

Danny B.

3 sketches you should be reminded of

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smiley - laugh

The Cycling Tour! Definately one of my favorite episodes. I loved the part where the firing squad misses. Great stuff.

3 sketches you should be reminded of

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Andy Adorno, scourge of... well, everything, really

And the french people, as the amnesiac hitch-hiker starts to sing "I'm just a jack-in-the-box":

"Regardez, c'est Trotsky!"
"Trotsky ne chante pas - vous pensez de Lenin."
"Ah, oui, Lenin!"

Another brilliant sketch

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Pan, the piper at the gates of dawn

The "Tennis, anyone?" sketch, where everyone starts spouting blood. Pure lunacy.

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