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Fave Python Sketch

Post 41

jimbob_ii (hey, who turned off the lights?)

or possibly even . . . no, i dare not say it . . . *gulps in terror* . . .the soft cushions?

Fave Python Sketch

Post 42


I really like crunchy frog and also the penguin on the televisionn sketch and the build up to it( the death of Mary queen of the scots on the radio- "I think she's dead. No I'm not!")
It's short and just delightfully silly.
"If it laid an egg... it will roll down the the back of the television set..."
"Ah, intercourse the penguin!"

Fave Python Sketch

Post 43

jimbob_ii (hey, who turned off the lights?)

still love the homicidal barber, but also much love goes to spam, the bruces, and biggles dictates a letter. fan-bloody-tastic (no really, i just smiley - love algy)

Fave Python Sketch

Post 44


My favorites (really can't decide between them) would have to be the self-defense class ("What if he's got a pointy stick?!") and the international philosophy competition/soccer match from Live at the Hollywood Bowl. Honorable mention goes to the "Mr. Hilter" sketch.

Fave Python Sketch

Post 45

Jon Quixote: steaming little purple buns for tea.

"I'm not sure I like the sound of them Bomcentration Bamps."

I do like the Pepper Pot ladies.

"I just spent four hours trying to bury the cat.

Four hours to bury a cat?

Yeah, it wouldn't keep still, all wriggling about."

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