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Nortius Maximus?

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Excellent articles- i have so-far read "A brief History" and this one, and really enjoyed them both.

The only thing is, although i have never seen the script or bothered to read the credits, i always assumed it would be better if Nortius Maximus were spelt "Nautius" Maximus- as this would look like a "proper" latin name. I think i vaguely remember Nautius being Latin for Sailor, and, at any rate, it is similar.

Anyhow, just a thought. All the best


Nortius Maximus?

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SchrEck Inc.


dunno about Nortius Maximus, but there's a question that nags me since I've seen it for the first time: what's the name of Biggus Dickus' wife? Incontinentia? I've never managed to get it because of the laughing guards. (Y'know, the scene where Brian is captured and Pontius Pilate is questioning him. Very funny.) smiley - biggrin

SchrEck Inc.

Nortius Maximus?

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Danny B

Hi Will

I'm glad you're enjoying the articles smiley - smiley I'm fairly sure 'Nortius' is how it's spelt in the script - I suppose, as it was a made up word, they just spelt it phonetically...

And SchrEck - Biggus's wife's full name is 'Incontinentia Buttocks' smiley - smiley

Nortius Maximus?

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SchrEck Inc.

Tanks Danny. smiley - smiley

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Nortius Maximus?

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