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Rt. Rev. Lesley Gentle

I have been watching Will Hay films for years and have seen a lot of his more obscure. Obviously they are products of the times but they can be a little hard viewing, I think it is Old Bones Of The River which stands out in my mind in this instance as I recall it being a touch racist as well as being one of his lesser films.

Ask A Policeman and Oh, Mr Porter! are genuine classics and are suitable for all ages. I personally have grown up on Will Hay films instead of the Disney pap that most other children of the 70/80s have watched since childhood. I recently found that the better films have been given a release on DVD at bargain prices of £5 or so and I have replaced my worn out collection of videos.

It would be good to find out some information about Moore Marriott and Albert for the diary as they formed a wonderfully surreal trio in a number of the films!

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