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Will Hay is one of my favourite actors---I have always loved his films, since I was about 4. Good to see an article on the man.
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Will Hay

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Will Hay

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Whoami - iD dislikes punctuation

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Will Hay

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I love the bit in Oh Mr Porter when Will is chucking stones at the other two to make them speed up after the runaway train smiley - wah I could laff til I cry at that! smiley - flyhi

Will Hay

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Dazza Oxford

Will Hay starred in those classic films that are still so funny today! Oh Mr Porter was certainly one of my favourite of his comedies, with its great characterisations and subtle humour his films had all the basic ingredients Dad's Army would have in later years, stock characters and comic situation. The great Carry On actor Charles Hawtrey worked with Will Hay early on and always considered him a great influence.

Will Hay

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That's right-forgot about Charles Hawtry with Will-
I love the Carry on films-it's sometimes sad to hear them get bad press-OK some of them were not as good as others-but most of them are fantastic-Nurse, Screaming, At your Convieniance
very funny!
Love all those actors Will, George Formby, Kenneth Williams etc
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Will Hay

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Roderick Spode

In Ask A Policeman showing coppers to be incompetent and dis-honest must have been unusual at the time.Cannon and Ball should have been shot into space for what they did in the remake.No money?Come on,he`s as much our prisoner as he is yours.

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