A Conversation for Etiquette for Travellers on the London Underground

A bloody silly question to ask on the tube

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Sometime around 1986, Margaret Thatcher proposed abolishing student grants and replacing them with loans.

The result was 150,000 students descending on London and paralysing the area around Westminster to protest at this. (WE got a government to scrap loans. Shame our succesors couldn't.)

Anyway, the Tory minister for travel and public transport - forget his name but he was a class A berk, the sort who thinks the only public transport worthy of his time is Club Class on airliners - managed to escape, along with a couple of underlings, via the Tube. Showing just how in touch he was with the preferred mode of transport used by many Londoners, his first two questions, travelling by Tube for the first tiem ever, were:-

i) "Where are the first class carriages?"

ii) "Where's the buffet car?"


But today, there are probably Labour cabinet ministers who have never travelled by tube and who are so far out of touch that they'd ask the same things...

A bloody silly question to ask on the tube

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Reminds me of the story of Peter Mandelson mistaking mushy peas for guacamole in a chip shop.

Men of the people.

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A bloody silly question to ask on the tube

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