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Find the Fish

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Another one of my favourite python moments. I love that sketch!

Things you missed out:

The machine that goes PING! - you can't forget that, everybody remembers that!

The fact that Death hates Americans and the English smiley - laugh

Apart from that, brilliant so far.

I must say you're doing an excellent job of this project so far!

You don't mind if I butt in occasionally with comments occastionaly I hope smiley - winkeye

smiley - cheers

Find the Fish

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Danny B

Butt in any time you like! Glad you like it so far smiley - blush

"The machine that goes PING!" smiley - laughsmiley - laughsmiley - laugh

I used to be a medical student and we had an entire lecture smiley - zzz on giving birth in hospitals that could have been summed up by that one sketch smiley - biggrin

And I'll put 'Find the fish' and 'Machine that goes ping' in the 'Best Bits' article as well smiley - smiley

Find the Fish

Post 3


smiley - cool

Actually I am a working scientist and I love it when we get a machine that goes PING! So smiley - cool you have to wear it out!

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