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Free time anyone?

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Well, I don't know if this can be more clearly. The DA came one day and he very specific announced:

"The answer to this is very simple. It was a joke. It had to be a number, an ordinary, smallish number, and I chose that one. Binary representations, base thirteen, Tibetan monks are all complete nonsense. I sat at my desk, stared into the garden and thought '42 will do' I typed it out. End of story."

And hundreds of people here still looking for a reason why it is 42 and some other number? Guess what, I just thought of a number, it is 71 and it is the answer to true happiness. C'mon everybody open all the forums, blogs and stuff now, try to figure out what I meant.

Free time anyone?

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GrumpyAlembic {Keeper of 143, comfort zones and vacillations }

I didn't realise it was tied up!smiley - biggrinsmiley - biggrinsmiley - laugh

Free time anyone?

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I have an explanation for the "71" idea, just to humour you, but it may be considered explicit to most readers. You've been warned:

69 makes lots of people happy (at least temporarily). It takes 2 to 69. 2+69=71

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