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Lenny (Lynette)

Just read the entry on Swindon - oooh you don't pull any punches there! I visit Swindon quite frequently because my husband is from Highworth originally and my mother-in-law lives in Old Town.

Have to agree about the main activity being shopping. The main motif of Swindon is greed accompanied by materialism. It so wants to be a city but has nothing to offer in that direction...bless it!smiley - smiley

smiley - sheep


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Administrator-General (5+0+9)*3+0

I enjoyed the entry too. It's nice to see a travel guide that tells it like it is.


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Great Western Lettuce (no.51) Just cut down the fags instead

Have recently moved to Swindon from the surrounding area, and although it seems a completely accurate account on all counts, Swindon somehow is not as bad as that makes it seem.

Not the best place in the world, but then where is?

Would have to disagree with the wannabe yuppies in Old Town though, last time I was up there I saw three lads who were obviously friends kicking each other about onto the road. Not the most sophisticated behaviour I've ever seen.

Up the Town!!!


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No, its not as green as it could be,but the centre does look marginally more attractive than it used to be.
I 'd forgotten about the Oasis leisure centre-i can't even remember its exact location.
Can you believe that they've tried for city status? I once thought that it was only settlements with a cathedral that could become cities.
On a more sombre note : does anybody know what they're going to do about Princes Margaret Hosp.?
I heard some while back that they were going to build a new one elsewhere at great expense, with lower department sizes.Thus mirroring this trend about the downward spiral of the NHS we kep hearing about


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Great Western Lettuce (no.51) Just cut down the fags instead

Well, they've built the shiny new one. If you come into Swindon from the East, it's right there by the side of the roundabout.
I don't know what they plan to do about the PM though. They're building better roads up to the new hospital from Liden/Covingham way, so they might wait until that's finished before they complete their plans.
I'll let you know if I hear any more.


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Lenny (Lynette)

I've seen the shiny new hospital too - no idea what will happen to PM but no doubt they will close it or downsize it or something! I shall consult the grapevine...


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I was born in Swindon (well, Wroughton) 41 years ago and I watched the place turn from industrial town with heritage and local pride to dormitory town full of drones. I've since escaped and now live in Manchester, but my parents still live there. My obligatory trips back are thoroughly depressing affairs.

There has never been any culture. All there is to do is go out, drink, have a fight, go home and then go to your drone job in the abundant local factories. If you're unfortunate enough to be born with intelligence, they're even beginning to close libraries (I owe much to Pinehurst library which, of course, is first on the list).

Recently, I was offered a huge salary to return. I turned it down. No amount of money can compensate for such a soul-destroying experience. Talk about the blandness of evil - whoever is in charge of Swindon can only be an emissary of Satan.


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I would like to invite everyone in the Swindon area to join the Wessex Researchers Group. See: A395499



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Ok so we all know Swindon isn't great. But things ARE starting to improve, especially in the town centre. If you venture out on a Saturday night the area is becoming really lively, with a greater diveristy of pubs and clubs, including live bands trendy wine bars. And there are plans afoot to spend £130 million on a new shopping centre, including multi-screen cinema and restaurants. There's even a new jazz club opening next month, which for the first time will give the over 25s somewhere more sophisticated to go. There is hope!!!!

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