A Conversation for Farts and Flatulence

plastic, or "School" chairs: related to accoustics?

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Have you ever noticed that a fart seems to "rebound" and sound louder when sitting in a school chair, or a plastic shair of some sort that lacks a preforated seat?

Also, an interesting fact, the new engish journal of medicine list farts as just that. farts. not any fancy medical words, like
"exo-gust" or "flatulation" but fart.

plastic, or "School" chairs: related to accoustics?

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1. FCV 1811 Helaaf GMC (or Helaaf in short) Helau! Alaaf! Carnival! Kamelle!

Looks like plastic chairs either form a resonant body or that the sheet of plastic that you're sitting on works like the membrane of a drum. Ewww!

This shows that the new engish journal of medicin does have a sense of common sense smiley - ok

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