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Argon0 (50 and feeling it - back for a bit)

SoRB: Now why didn't you point me at this article when we were discussing the fall out (Della) from you "lies" article? Were you having too much fun? smiley - biggrin

It would also have explained a bit about Della's cryptic reference to your nickname (HooValloo (?))..

BUT I can't go away without commenting on the article and pointing out (hopefully in a consructive way) two "errors":

1)" In fact, there are many transitional species in the fossil record and many, many more in the modern world. For instance, there are many species of flying squirrel, which would seem by any standards to be almost exactly in the middle of the process of evolving from tree dwelling, squirrel-like creatures to airborne, bat-like creatures."

smiley - erm Why do you say that - they MAY be halfway through the evolution from flying creatures to non-flying creatures (although I doubt it). Actually I don't doubt what you say - just your wording "seem by any standards".

Actually I suspect they have almost perfectly evolved into their current niche whereby they are able to use the best of both worlds (i.e. controlled falling and scampering).

2) "one of the most important planks of religious faith - the belief that God created everything exactly as described in the Bible." again I don't argue with your sentiment (I think) just your wording. It considers only Christianity (there are other religions) and in fact applies only to a limited section of Christianity (the fundamentalists (aka Josh, form what I gather)).

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