A Conversation for Creationism - Fundamental(ist) Errors

Oh dear, it gets worse....

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I can't believe the site I've just found whilst trying to find some information to make a more intelligent posting.

Take a look at http://www.creationposter.com

Marvel at the incomplete "facts".

Gaze in wonder at the determination to rubbish evoloutionary theory.

Search high and low for any "evidence" of creationism, as opposed to conjecture and misunderstood news articles.

Be astounded that these people have the gall to charge for their "educational" posters.

Weep for the children exposed to this dogmatic crap by their parents and teachers.

If you live in the US, please remember the 1st Amendment right that every child has to receive an education free of religious bias, then look at the Testimonies link and count the number of teachers.

Oh dear, it gets worse....

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Hmm... the only one, I think, who actually clearly identifies themself as a teacher is the final one, from Colorado. They don't got much o' that there oxygen away up there, so folks might be kinda dumb cuz o' that, you know what I'm saying?

My personal favourite quote from the testimonies was:

"It is believable because each thought makes the viewer stop in his mind"

I love that. It's believable, because it makes you stop thinking (IF you're a man - womenfolk presumably ain't allowed to read). Brilliant. Nothing to do with "it's believeable because it's back up by evidence", not "it's believable because any number of modern scientific endeavours would be meaningless and impossible without it". Oh no - it's believable because.... it's believable. If you stop thinking.

What's worrying is that these people are allowed to carry guns. smiley - yikes


Oh dear, it gets worse....

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Correction - they're ENCOURAGED to carry guns smiley - smiley

Oh dear, it gets worse....

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These guys obviously missed out on being given reason and most thought processes ( or dare I say it failed to evolve a brain ). They cannot even argue their points. It has a random fact and then jumps to something else completely unrelated thus "disproving" evolution.
I feel sorry for these guys. If one cannot even put up a convincing reasonable, logical argument then how can anyone believe it. These guys rely on people with not much logical reasoning and kids.
I have never ever heard a good argument for creationism. Evolution has a few sticky bits, but most points the C's use to disprove it have been answered many times.
Once the C's can give a good argument I'm up for it.

I want to cry. How can people be so ill informed. Their "laws" on the moon moving away form the earth take no account for the inverse sq law etc.

Oh dear, it gets worse....

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God. They are all teachers as well. I'm just after going through the testimonies.

My faith in the human race has been shattered.

Oh dear, it gets worse....

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They're not ALL teachers... one of 'em's a judge....
Yes, it is pretty scary, isn't it, but I'd rather they had access to all the firepower they want than them be put in charge of a fully loaded and unaimed child.

Oh dear, it gets worse....

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Hi there, I don't know if anyone will come back to this thread, but I've just read the postings and seen the poster, and my shock at the mindless drivelling attempts at "proof" of a young earth etc can hardly be expressed.

Here's my own version of one of these proofs:

I don't know anyone who knows anyone who was alive that long ago, so clearly the earth is not billions of years old.

The argument that Darwin was wrong... well, sorry, I used the word argument there. I should have said: The mindless statement that Darwin was wrong about the finches because, er.., well, there was no reason given was there. smiley - wah

It's all just so depressing that schools in the USA will have these on their walls. Of course, maybe some teachers are using them as evidence of how not to think. smiley - laugh

Oh dear, it gets worse....

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I wish I had a high enough opinion of humans to believe that last...

Oh dear, it gets worse....

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for those that are interested, the Mokele-Mbembe actually resembles a rhinocerous not a dinosaur, as their lovely misinformed poster suggested...

that is all

Oh dear, it gets worse....

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Apollyon - Grammar Fascist

Sheer idiocy. "Contains hundreds of quotations from prominent scientists disproving evolution." I read the op-ed pages, a lot of people in making an argument start out by saying the opposite point of view, then go on to prove their own. They may also give an opposing viewpoint and show how it can fit ino their own ideas. I have a feeling that this is what those quoted scientists were doing. Quite why it talks about quotes rather than studies is a mystery.

Another site, very (unintentionally) amusing: http://www.christiananswers.net .

These sites both have a weird preponderance for making you buy stuff...

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