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In the United States, Mother's Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. This year it will be May 12th.

Typical presents are usually cards, chocolate, or dinner out. Usually, a phone call is required too. Mother's across America universally lament the fact that their offspring do not call frequently enough.

So how does one appease or appreciate one's mother? Creative gifts go a looong way in Mother Points (a unique rating system based on the amount of effort expended on producing an appropriate gift).

If you live close enough you can handmake mom "coupons" and present them to your parent in a cute little box. These coupons might be heart shaped and contain messages like: one phone call, free carwash, will babysit dog, one free dinner out. Your mother can redeem one each month, week etc.

If you live farther away, send something expensive. Show your mother how much you appreciate her despite the distance ( or mayhap in your deep, dark, subconcious you feel guilty or grateful for the miles). Either way a nice gift can pacify one's conscience.

More about the MP gift rating system (for the curious):

Phone call 10 MP's

Phone call and card 20 MP's

Call, card and dinner 50 MP's

Cutesy gifts (depending on the mom) 80 MP's

Handmade presents 100 MP's

A note /letter of appreciaton with a handmade gift 200 MP's

In reality, and much less tounge-in -cheek, I think that a good "I love you" will suffice. Mothers just want to be appreciated, like the rest of us.

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Mother's Day

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